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5 Reasons You Need Humidification In Your Luxury Residence

family enjoying benefits of humidification system

The benefits of humidification for your home and family

Humidification is an important yet often-overlooked aspect of your home’s comfort. You’ll certainly notice when the humidity reaches the 80 percent mark on those steamy summer days, yet you may not be aware of the detrimental effects of insufficient humidification (translation: dry air) during the winter season when the furnace is running.

If your home does not have a humidification system, you’ve probably noticed some of the symptoms, even if you didn’t realize the cause.

In fact, maintaining moderate humidity levels in your home is more important than ever, because the virus that causes COVID-19 thrives in low humidity conditions.

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The 4 Most Common Mistakes With Home Humidification Systems

humidification system

Have you had it with the dry air this time of year? There’s the discomfort that comes from dry skin and cracked nails. And isn’t your hair bad enough from wearing hats and running around in the snow and wind? Yet dry, flyaway hair persists even indoors due to the bone-dry air in your home.

If you’re reading this, you already realize that it’s time to start looking at humidification systems for your home. Yet you may not realize the full extent of the problem. There are even more annoying winter issues (such as increased risk of COVID transmission) that are also caused by low relative humidity.

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HVAC System Design: 6 Strategies for Modern Office Spaces

hvac system design strategies for modern offices

Corporate office space has transformed in recent years. Traditionally, these spaces included a ring of private offices around the perimeter of the space, with cubical farms occupying the center. Today, more companies have an open office plan, which requires different considerations for HVAC system design.

Most of those perimeter offices are disappearing, as companies want space that takes advantage of natural light. And the cubicles are being replaced with workspaces designed for specific types of activity, such as pods for quiet concentration and team lounges for collaboration. How does all this change impact HVAC system design? Read on for some important strategies.

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Commercial HVAC Service Contracts: 10 Reasons They Work for Retail

commercial hvac service contracts

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. You cannot underestimate the importance of giving them a comfortable shopping experience. How do you provide them with an appealing buying atmosphere?

One way to keep your customers coming back is to make sure your shop’s temperature and ventilation are right all year round.

There is no better way to keep your HVAC system working well than to learn about commercial HVAC service contracts and invest in one that is right for your business.

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HVAC Cleaning: 4 Reasons It’s a Must in NYC

hvac cleaning

There’s no question that good air quality is vital to health, especially for older adults, children and anyone with conditions such heart or lung disease. In a city as big as New York, with a population of more than 8.6 million people and growing, air quality is an ongoing challenge.

While there is only so much you can do about outdoor air pollution, you can significantly improve indoor air quality with regular HVAC cleaning, especially air conditioner cleaning before you start up your system in spring.

For commercial spaces that are reopening after being closed for a long time due to the pandemic, HVAC cleaning and maintenance is essential to prevent problems with the system upon startup after a prolonged shut down. [If you’re concerned about preventing COVID-transmission, get our helpful guide to HVAC Solutions for COVID-19.]

Here are four reasons why you should take advantage of HVAC cleaning services in NYC.

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What Happens When You Don’t Change the AC Filter

dirty AC filter that needs to be changed

What would happen if you just stopped checking your email? What if – horror of all horrors- you never refilled the coffee machine?! It’s easy to imagine the resulting chaos from such a scenario. But there is another under-appreciated staple of the office routine: your AC air filter.

What would happen if you didn’t change your AC filter? It’s hard to believe such a small part could make a big difference in air quality and comfort, but it does. Think of cleaning the air (and the air conditioner) like cleaning the rest of your business space. It would get pretty bad if you neglected it for a month.

Consider all the dirt and grime you’d see on the floors, on counters and surfaces, and in bathrooms. That’s equivalent to what accumulates in your filter in a given month. What are the consequences of this uncleanliness? Let’s look at what happens after you don’t change your AC filter to find out.

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Salons & Spas: Improve Indoor Air Quality to Keep Customers Safe

ways to improve indoor air quality at your salon or spa

Salon owners and employees are accustomed to the chemical fumes associated with a salon: from hair dyes, nail polish, aerosol sprays and other products. But customers don’t want to be assaulted with those odors.

Now due to the pandemic, customers are paying more attention to indoor air quality and its impact on their health. After all, if the smell of hair spray is lingering, what are the chances that the air in your salon is harboring something more dangerous?

You don’t want to be that salon that puts its customers at risk. Luckily, there are HVAC solutions available today that can reduce odors, improve indoor air quality and help keep everyone safe and healthy.

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HVAC System Maintenance: 6 Tips for Heating Season

technician performing hvac system maintenance

As a building or property manager, it’s your job to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for everyone working or living in the building. The quickest way to get people complaining is to mess with the temperature.

Don’t leave your tenants out in the cold. Instead, be proactive and make sure your HVAC system is properly maintained. Your reputation depends on people knowing they can rely on you to keep the building running smoothly.

Also, it’s easier to fix problems before they become emergencies. This season, make HVAC system maintenance a priority so you can be sure your heating will keep working when you need it most.

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Essential Equipment for Commercial Kitchens: HVAC Make Up Unit

restaurant make up air unit

Have you ever noticed an oily odor from your frying pans and other smells from the cooking process lingering long after the chefs retire their aprons for the night? Does it seem like it takes too long for smoke from the grill, the stove and steamy pots and skillets to dissipate?

These problems are likely the result of your exhaust fans sucking the air from your kitchen space, but not enough air replacing the exhausted air. By outfitting your kitchen with a restaurant make up air unit, you can avoid these suffocating problems.Read more