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HVAC Jobs in NYC: Arista is Hiring Technicians 

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Last Updated on April 25, 2022

Arista Air Conditioning: jobs available for technicians at all experience levels

Looking to boost your career with a new challenge, or get started as an HVAC service technician? Arista Air Conditioning, the largest HVAC & Refrigeration service organization in the NYC metro area, is currently hiring technicians at all experience levels including entry-level helper positions, apprentices with some experience, up to fully qualified journeymen. 

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AC Coil Cleaning: How to Tell When You Need It

AC coil cleaning

If your home or business has an air conditioner and you’re in charge of making sure it keeps working, you probably know that it’s important to have your air conditioner regularly maintained. And you may have heard talk about AC coil cleaning as part of that maintenance.

But if you’re not an air conditioning expert, it probably sounds like greek to you. What exactly is an air conditioner coil? And why is it so important to clean it? And most important: how do you know when you need to have it done when you’ve never even seen the thing?

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Property Managers: HVAC Preventive Maintenance Plans Prevent Headaches

HVAC preventative maintenance plans

You may be wondering what we mean when we say that HVAC preventive maintenance plans prevent headaches. Is that metaphorical headaches in the form of HVAC problems, or literal pounding pain in your head? In this case, the answer is BOTH.

When you are a residence manager or property manager, stress is a way of life. You have so many problems and complaints to deal with on a daily basis, that it’s no surprise when the metaphorical headaches lead to the real kind. So if you’re reading this blog because you want to help your residents solve HVAC problems OR because you want to stop taking ibuprophen every day, learning about HVAC preventive maintenance plans can help.

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AC Maintenance: The Cure For Springtime Allergies?

AC maintenance for allergies

Can AC maintenance help your allergy symptoms?

Most of us tend to think of allergies as caused primarily by pollen and pet dander. So why are people still suffering who live and work in the city, where pollen-producing plants and furry critters are in much shorter supply than in the suburbs?

The answer for many is poor indoor air quality (IAQ). AC maintenance can help reduce contaminants and allergens in indoor air and help you breathe easier.

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Q&A about HVAC Preventive Maintenance Contracts

HVAC preventative maintenance contract

Have you recently been burned by high HVAC repair costs? Or have you purchased a new HVAC system and want to start off right taking proper care of it? If so, you may be thinking about investing in regular service and looking at HVAC preventive maintenance contracts for the first time.

You’ve probably got questions… and maybe you’re not quite ready for a sales pitch just yet so you’re reluctant to start making calls. Here’s some handy information about what to expect from an HVAC preventive maintenance contract how to begin evaluating your options.Read more 

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5 Essential Tips for Choosing a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood

commercial kitchen exhaust hood

Air flow is really important for your restaurant kitchen

If you’re setting up a restaurant kitchen for the first time, or even renovating an existing kitchen, you probably don’t have to do much research to choose your kitchen’s cooking appliances. After all, food is your thing. Changes are you have known exactly what you want for a long time. But what about your commercial kitchen exhaust hood?

Air flow is probably not your thing. And when you start to research your options, you quickly discover that there’s a lot more to it than you thought. So here’s a quick primer that can help you choose the commercial kitchen exhaust hood that’s perfect for your food service establishment.

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Commercial HVAC

Facilities HVAC Service: The One Way to Get Your Problems Solved

Facilities HVAC service

Getting reliable HVAC service for commercial facilities may seem like a double edged sword. It’s sometimes tricky (translation: expensive) to get everything right, but not spending the money to get it right can cost you even more in wasted energy, decreased productivity and even lost business.

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Large corporate facilities are challenging to service because they have heating, cooling and ventilation requirements that can vary considerably throughout the space. For example, offices have different needs than computer rooms, conference rooms or storage spaces. Even areas that have the same function can have different needs depending on where they are in the building. In fact, the effectiveness of your HVAC system depends on many factors:

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Commercial HVAC

Skipping Commercial HVAC Design Could Sabotage Your Renovation

Commercial HVAC design

Commercial HVAC design eliminates costly mistakes

It’s both challenging and exciting to come up with a new design for your commercial space. When you’re renovating your business, there are many tasks and decisions to make. You are probably looking forward to picking out new color schemes, layout, furniture and décor, and having a new space that functions as well as it looks. Yet there is an aspect of renovation planning that you may have overlooked, even though it’s critical to the comfort and function of your new space: commercial HVAC design.

Think about why you decided to undertake this renovation project to begin with. Especially if you own a restaurant, retail store or hotel where customer satisfaction is critical, the need for renovations likely was influenced by complaints from employees and customers. You may be looking to improve the comfort and functionality of your new space, and possibly reduce your energy expenses. Commercial HVAC design plays an important role in how well the outcome of the renovation project meets your requirements.

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Top 10 Restaurant Kitchen Design Ideas & Tips

Restaurant kitchen design ideas

Looking for restaurant kitchen design ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Arista has done restaurant HVAC, refrigeration and kitchen equipment repair for many years (decades, really) so we’ve been involved in countless restaurant startups and renovations. In the process, we’ve learned quite a few useful tips. Here goes!

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