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Looking for a Recession-Proof Career? Consider HVAC Service.

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In spite of claims that the economy is slowly recovering, it’s still a tough job market out there, especially at the entry level. Every day I read in the news that alarming numbers of college graduates are not finding jobs in their fields of study. Last year, a poll revealed that 40% of college grads were unemployed and 16% were only employed part time. Nearly two-thirds were working in jobs that did not require a college degree, and more than a quarter of a million college grads were earning minimum wage.

The cost of a college education seems to be rising even faster than jobs are declining. Young people considering their future plans should be weighing the cost of a higher education, how long it will take to pay off those loans, and the likely return on that investment.Read more 

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How to Make a Bigger Impact With Your Corporate Charitable Giving

charitable giving

Are you searching for just the right way for your business to give back through corporate charitable giving? Gratitude is top-of-mind at this time of year, and along with celebrating success we want to meet our philanthropic responsibility to help others who have not been as fortunate.

Opportunities for workplace giving are everywhere you look. But how can you be sure the hard-earned money you give will really make an impact?

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Getting the Best HVAC Service Means Understanding the Value Chain

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If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, especially as part of a major construction project, it can be tricky to tell BEFORE you buy if you’ll get the best HVAC service you want and need. Here’s a way to judge a company’s reliability and commitment to customer service that you may not have considered: find out if they’re linked to the value chain.

Are you familiar with the notion of the value chain? It’s a business concept that describes the range of activities undertaken by companies and workers throughout the process of bringing a product or service to market and beyond. These activities range from design and development to sale, implementation, and support. When each contributor works hand in hand with other contributors to the “chain” of events, they add more value to the end product (and ultimately the customer) than unrelated entities working independently.Read more 

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Looking for Reliable HVAC Service? Appearances DO Matter.

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Choosing an HVAC service provider is not something that most people do every day. You’re probably not an expert, and you want someone who will do the job right. Of course you do your homework, but you still may end up with several estimates that look very much the same. Who should you choose? How can you tell the trustworthy ones from those unsavory characters “caught on camera” on TV news exposés trying to sell people unnecessary repairs or equipment?

Here’s a tip that may surprise you: when in doubt, go with the company that has a consistent, professional appearance.Read more 

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Facilities Managers: Are you Top Dog or in the Dog House?

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Here at Arista, we’ve been working alongside New York City’s facilities managers for decades, and we know that it can be a thankless job. Doesn’t it seem like nobody notices what you do until there’s a problem? In spite of the fact that you never have enough staff, things run like clockwork due to all the hard work and extra hours you put in. Then one piece of equipment unexpectedly breaks down and suddenly you’re in the doghouse.Read more