NYC Metro Area's Premier Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration Company

10 Reasons Why We're Different

10 Reasons Why We're Different

With nearly 3,000 commercial and luxury residential customers, here’s why Arista is NYC Metro Area’s most trusted heating, cooling and refrigeration company:


We do what we promise, and we put your needs first.


When you have an emergency, we can get to you fast since one of our 100 trucks is probably already in your neighborhood.


Our techs are trained and experienced in both the latest HVACR technology and decades-old legacy systems. No matter what type of equipment you have, we’ve worked on it before.


No return visits for repairs that didn’t work. Our knowledgeable technicians solve problems correctly the first time.


We hire friendly, professional staff who explain things in terms you can understand.


We never try to sell you specific products or brands. We take an impartial view of the products available and deliver solutions that are right for your needs.


Our depth of experience allows us to give dependable and responsible recommendations when you’re facing a repair or replace decision.


NYC Metro Area businesses are more comfortable, productive and profitable with our cost-effective services.


We act as a trusted advisor and business partner, helping you make decisions and plan for future needs.


As an industry leader, Arista is constantly improving our service capabilities, innovating new ways to control temperature and humidity, and following environmentally safe practices.

Business Affiliations

Arista’s extensive accreditations, industry awards, and business affiliations have helped us to grow our service excellence and expertise and to become a leader in our industry. These organizations and networks offer access to tools and best practices and help us improve what we offer as a heating, cooling and refrigeration company.

Arista is a proud member of the following industry organizations:

  • Daikin Network Alliance
  • IFMA
  • MCAA
  • MSCA
  • Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer
  • U.S. Green Building Council
Community & Industry Leadership

Community & Industry Leadership

We realize that handling today’s challenges is only part of the equation. By participating in NYC Metro Area community and HVACR industry organizations, Arista is better able to plan for the future and help clients prepare for the next phases in HVACR innovation. By taking that commitment to the next level and taking on leadership roles within these organizations, we can even help shape the future of our industry and our city.

Arista’s President, Scott Berger, is passionate about community service and leadership. He currently serves in the following NYC Metro Area community and HVACR industry leadership roles:

Immediate Past Chairman – Board of Managers, Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA)
Board of Trustees & Vice President, The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF)
Board of Directors, Mechanical Contracting Association of America (MCAA)
Board of Directors, Metropolitan Business Network (MBN)
Negotiation Committee, Mechanical Contacting Association of New York (MCA of NY)
Founder/Partner, Big Alice Brewing Company
Past President, Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)
Executive Board, Workforce Development Board (WDB) – NYC Office of Workplace Development
Member, Urban Green – US Green Building Council
Past Board Member, International Facilities Management Association (IFMA)


While we understand the impact that the HVACR industry has on the environment, Arista believes that we can all be comfortable without sacrificing air quality or overtaxing our natural resources. Arista’s Blue Sky Initiative was created to deploy environmentally safe practices in all our air conditioning company’s operations, bring smarter solutions to our clientele, and educate the community about clean and green practices. According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), these smart choices can also save business owners up to 40% in energy costs.

Arista actively engages the entire company in sustainability education and is leading the way by taking many steps toward greening its own corporate headquarters. Some examples: choosing low VOC paints and CFL bulbs, green cleaning supplies, automated systems to reduce paperwork, water-saving fixtures, hybrid-fuel fleet vehicles, renewable and sustainable building materials, ENERGY STAR appliances, and of course the most energy-efficient HVAC controls and systems. We also recycle and even purchase wind-generated electricity.

Because of our green-awareness mindset, Arista is always seeking out ways to provide common sense, earth-friendly service to our customers. All aspects of our service practices are designed with sustainability in mind, such as attention to energy efficiency, water conservation, reducing waste, sourcing local materials, minimizing travel, recycling decommissioned equipment and using environmentally-friendly chemicals and green coil cleaning alternatives.

Arista has the knowledge and experience to design, install and service the latest and greatest in green HVAC technology, including CFC- and HCFC-free refrigerants, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, and automated controls that improve comfort as well as energy efficiency. Arista also offers Capstone MicroTurbine, with an air-cooled design that has no cooling system maintenance or coolant disposal issues. Capstone MicroTurbine offers very low emissions and a clean, green, efficient and reliable source of energy.


A Snowflake is Born

A WWII G.I. named Leo Stern started a mechanical contracting firm and named the company Arista, which means “the best” in Greek, to reflect his ambitions for the business. Known as “Mr. Fix It” to his friends, Leo guided Arista for almost 25 years, laying the groundwork for the service innovation Arista is known for today.

A New Beginning

Leo sold the company to Stanley Berger, a young accountant and passionate businessman. Starting with 13 employees and 7 trucks, Arista grew as a heating and cooling company , expanding its resources by 11% every 18 months during the period of Stanley’s leadership.

Growing By Leaps and Bounds

In a decade of spandex, hairspray and Reaganomics, Arista experienced unprecedented growth. While most people were working up a sweat getting “physical,” Arista was doing its best to keep the NYC Metro Area cool and comfortable.

Generations to Come

After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Marketing, Scott Berger joined Arista as an account executive and became passionate about the client-facing side of the business.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The EPA’s Clean Air Act became law, defining responsibilities for providing better air quality and protecting the Earth’s ozone layer. Arista responded with its Ozone Guard Program, becoming among the first HVAC companies to adopt sustainable building practices that help reduce harmful emissions in NYC.

Kelnard Acquisition

With the acquisition of Kelnard Refrigeration, a NYC refrigeration company founded in 1942, Arista doubled its volume of refrigeration work. The addition of resources allowed Arista’s capabilities as a refrigeration company to match the high level of service and technical sophistication we provide to HVAC customers.

Industry Leadership

Scott Berger became President of Air Conditioning Contractors of America, NY Metro Chapter. ACCA is dedicated to promoting best practices in the industry and keeping homes and buildings safe, clean and comfortable. As NYM Chapter President, Scott began to distinguish himself as a thought leader in the HVACR community.

A Family of Leaders

Stanley Berger was named Chairman of the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA), taking on Arista’s most prestigious industry role to date. MSCA is the nation’s leading HVACR industry association and a subsidiary of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). Stanley’s position enabled him to promote Arista’s service standard to more than 1000 industry professionals through education, marketing tools, labor management initiatives, regulatory information and environmental leadership.

New President, New Initiatives

Scott Berger became President of Arista, carrying on the proud tradition of Berger family leadership. Believing that client education builds stronger relationships, Scott began introducing initiatives to provide practical knowledge for Arista clients and the public, leveraging the expertise of partner organizations such as the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation and the Advanced Leadership Institute.

Arista Awarded MSCA Star

Arista was the first HVAC provider in the NY Metro-area to earn the prestigious MSCA Star designation for commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC service excellence. This award is the highest distinction for any heating and cooling company in the industry and serves to differentiate Arista’s reliable support, quality workmanship and safe practices.

Lifelong Pursuit Achieved

Continuing his lifelong dedication to the industry he loves, Stanley Berger took on the role of MCAA President. MCAA is the parent organization of MSCA and helps contractors in all mechanical contracting industries obtain the tools and education they need to provide better service.

Arista Partners with Capstone MicroTurbine

Arista advanced its environmental initiatives by becoming a dealer for Capstone MicroTurbine, a company on the forefront of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly HVAC technology. With an air-cooled design that requires no cooling system maintenance and no coolant disposal, Capstone MicroTurbines can operate on a variety of fuels and emit very low emissions, making them a clean and reliable energy source.

Kitchen Services Introduced

Arista added a new service for its base of restaurant and food service clients: hot side kitchen equipment maintenance.

Commitments to Green Building

Arista joined the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), and Scott Berger became a LEED Accredited Professional to expand Arista’s commitment to provide environmentally-conscious solutions.

Blue Sky Initiative Launched

Arista introduced its Blue Sky Initiative, a three-fold plan to contribute more significantly to the environmental movement by increasing internal efforts to be better corporate citizens; encouraging consumers to choose energy efficient equipment; and educating the community about the impacts that HVAC has on air quality and energy consumption.

Arista Earns MSCA GreenSTAR

Arista became a recognized leader in the green HVAC movement by earning the prestigious MSCA GreenSTAR award for exceptional commitment to sustainable mechanical services. Scott also joined the MSCA board to advance Arista’s industry leadership.

Dedication of Leo Stern Education Center

Arista opened an education center dedicated to its founder, Leo Stern. As a company committed to providing quality services, ongoing employee training has always been a top priority. Arista's education center offers a curriculum that's unmatched in the industry, providing thousands of hours of classroom education, manufacturer training, equipment demonstrations and hands-on troubleshooting. Employees are also provided with field training and even instruction in customer service skills.

Scott Berger Named MSCA Chairman

Scott Berger took on his most ambitious leadership role yet when he was selected as MSCA Chairman. The role involves acting as a voting member of the board, promoting the organization’s educational initiatives, and working with other trade groups and customer-affiliated groups. He also plans to promote the HVACR trade as a career, and facilitate the sharing of information and ideas among members to improve the way they operate and serve customers.

The Forecast for Snow

After six decades of mechanical and service excellence, Arista has become the most respected heating, cooling and refrigeration company in the NYC Metro Area. With several ambitious initiatives in the works, Arista is positioned to continue growing its tradition of hard work, reliable service, and industry innovation for the next 60 years and beyond.

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