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5 Reasons Your Home May Need Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality testing

Scary (yet invisible) things may be polluting the air in your home. If your home is plagued by odors, comfort issues, or health complaints, you’re probably worried. The problem may be serious enough to warrant indoor air quality testing.

Which do you find more scary: something right before your eyes, or something you can’t actually see but looms large in your imagination? For most of us, it’s what we can’t see that’s truly frightening.

When it comes to the quality of the air in your home, fears about what’s lurking unseen can be justified. There are quite a number of invisible dangers that you risk with every breath you take.

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HVAC Retrofit: Dos & Don’ts for Historic Buildings Conservation

HVAC retrofit for historic buildings

Older buildings are protected by law and must be renovated according to strict rules for historic buildings conservation. That impacts an HVAC retrofit or replacement to restore a historic space to a condition that works for a business or even a luxury residence.

New York is a historic city, settled by the Dutch in the 1600’s. There are structures dating back to the mid-17th century. We have many unique and beautiful historic buildings mixed in with the glass and concrete high-rises throughout the city.

Here at Arista, we have been working on historic building renovations for decades. (No, not since the 1600’s but we’ve been at this for a long time!). So we’ve learned a thing or two about the unique requirements of historic spaces for HVAC.

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HVAC Solutions: Dos & Don’ts for Historic Building Preservation

HVAC solutions for historic buildings

If you’re renovating a historic building in New York City, the HVAC solutions you choose can be a very important decision. Choosing the right HVAC systems and installers means you get the comfort conditions you need for the space while also being mindful of historic building preservation and maintaining the character of the building.

When taking on a renovation of a historic building, it’s essential that you consult with HVAC experts who have experience working with historic buildings. That’s because installers can damage the building when they don’t understand the requirements of older buildings.

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Stuffy Air: 5 Ways to Get Fresher Air in a Sealed Building

Last Updated on 

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

stuffy air

When you look for advice about banishing stagnant, stuffy air, you’re usually told to open the windows. Here in NYC where we have so many sealed buildings, that’s not an option! And unfortunately, that does contribute to the problem. Stuffy air is often caused by inadequate ventilation, poor air flow, and sometimes air quality issues, all of which tend to happen in sealed buildings.

So what can you do to get fresher, more pleasant (and also healthier) air in your home or business?

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The #1 Rule for Restaurant HVAC System Installation

restaurant hvac installation

If you own or manage a popular restaurant in New York City (or anywhere, really) you know that staying open is crucial to your bottom line. Not only do you lose money every hour that you’re closed, but your regular customers are forced to go elsewhere… and the last thing you want is for them to discover a new favorite. That’s why it’s a major decision to undertake a renovation or replacement of mission-critical systems (such as an HVAC system installation) that will force you to close your doors for any period of time.

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Do You Still Need MERV 13 Filters in NYC? 

MERV 13 filters

During the worst of the pandemic in New York City, many businesses installed MERV 13 filters in their air conditioners. City and state regulations recommended them, and in some cases, required them to enhance filtration. Homeowners also followed suit, looking for protection against the airborne Covid virus. The result? Hopefully safer air, and definitely a higher cost for filters. 

As New York eases up on Covid restrictions, do you still need to spend more on MERV 13 filters? 

In many situations, we still do recommend these filters when the system can accommodate them. But in some situations they may not be the right choice. Here are the top reasons why, and why not.

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Tips for Troubleshooting AC Electrical Problems

AC electrical problems

What’s the key to troubleshooting problems with complex equipment? In many cases, it’s deciding when to try fixing it yourself and when you need to get help from professionals. That can be a life-or-death decision when facing an AC electrical problem. Unless you happen to be a licensed electrician, messing with circuits yourself can be very dangerous.

Related article: DIY HVAC Repair? Don’t Even Think About It

On that note, it’s a good idea to be cautious and turn off your AC before investigating the problem if you suspect electrical damage. You might also not be sure if an issue is caused by faulty wiring or some other problem. These tips will help you troubleshoot the issue and guide you to the right course of action once you’ve discovered the cause.

Here are some common problems you might encounter, and actions you can take safely.

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NYC: Need Simultaneous Heating and Cooling? Try VRF Technology

VRF technology for simultaneous heating and cooling

Here in the NYC area, it’s that frustrating in-between season again, where you don’t know how to dress from one day to the next. Keeping your space consistently comfortable in this weather can be a challenge. Some areas can be too cold while others are too warm. So do you run the heat or the AC? How about both in different areas? You can do that with an HVAC system that provides simultaneous heating and cooling.

Read on to learn more about VRF technology, a sophisticated type of HVAC system that provides simultaneous heating and cooling (as well as other advantages over conventional systems). We’ll also identify as the types of spaces that can benefit most from this technology.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for the DIYer

Air conditioner maintenance

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably used to getting things done yourself. So you might be tempted to try air conditioner maintenance tasks to save money. The problem is, you can end up costing yourself more when you’re in over your head.

Check out these air conditioner maintenance tips and do DIY the smart way.

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HVAC Repair in NYC: Does Your Tech Get Enough Training?

HVAC repair

It’s not rocket science, getting competent HVAC repair in NYC, right? At least you might not think so. So then why are you experiencing so many problems?

Customer service and scheduling issues are bad enough: making you wait days or longer for an appointment, showing up late, then taking even longer to get HVAC repair parts needed to complete the job.

But when the problems go deeper and involve the ability to correctly diagnose and fix problems, that’s another matter entirely. The fact is, HVAC repair (in NYC especially) is becoming more and more complex all the time, as vendors move toward proprietary technology. The issues you’re seeing may very well be due to inadequate training.

Read on to learn what you must look for in a service provider of HVAC repair in NYC, specifically related to proof of expertise and ongoing training.

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