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HVAC Reviews: How Can You Tell If They Are Real?


HVAC reviews

Let’s face it: most people are not HVAC experts. So when you’re trying to choose a service provider or an installer for air conditioning and heating equipment, that can be a difficult task. How can you tell if they know what they’re doing? That’s why many turn to HVAC reviews online to help identify the best and weed out the worst.

The problem is, not all online reviews are written by actual customers. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous vendors out there getting their friends to post phony hvac contractor reviews and even HVAC system reviews.

Keep reading to find out how can you tell which HVAC reviews are fake and which ones you can trust. Plus, we’ll fill you in on some other ways you can identify an HVAC company you can count on to get the job done and get it done right.

7 ways to avoid fake HVAC reviews online

1. Stick to trustworthy review sites.

This is probably the simplest way to avoid being fooled by fake HVAC reviews. Reputable sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau are really good at detecting fake reviews and removing them. Still, there are exceptions, so keep reading to learn other ways of spotting the fake HVAC reviews yourself.

2. Check the review dates.

Sometimes you’ll see only a few reviews for a company, which might make sense for a small service provider. However, if you notice that those few reviews were all posted within a few days, definitely be suspicious. Chances are, those HVAC reviews are not real.

3. Look for details.

When real people write real HVAC reviews, they tend to give details about their experience. And I speak from experience when I say that, because as service manager for the largest HVAC service company in NYC, I get many, many emails from customers. And I also read and respond to online reviews of Arista. Customers tend to mention the names of the people who performed their work. They talk about the problems they were having, and what the techs did well (and once in a while, not so well). Those details are tough for a fake reviewer to make up.

4. Beware of marketing speak in HVAC reviews.

Does the review sound too much like an ad? Does it sound like something a real person would say to you when recommending a company? Does the review mention the company name more times than seems natural? Here’s one trick: you can even try to check out the reviewer’s other posts. Are they all positive and written in marketing-speak? If any of these are true, definitely be wary.

5. Don’t trust negative HVAC reviews that praise a competitor.

Have you ever written a negative review yourself after a bad experience with a company? If you did, would you say, “this company did a horrible job, but this other company is the best” ? Probably not. People who post negative reviews do it immediately after the bad experience, not a while later after they had a better experience. If you see negative reviews praising the competition, those were probably done by the competitor.

6. Be wary of a few glowing reviews.

It’s not necessarily suspicious if a company has only a few online reviews. It might just mean the vendor is small and their customers haven’t had a good reason to post a review. However, if the reviews are all overwhelmingly positive, using language that seems too emotional to be real, there’s a pretty good chance those HVAC reviews are fake.

7. Google the review text.

Here’s another useful trick: Google a sentence from the review text and see if it shows up on another review site. You might find that the reviewer is a phony and posting the same HVAC reviews for multiple vendors and on multiple websites.

Hopefully these tips help you hone in on the best HVAC companies and choose a reliable provider. They can even help you evaluate reviews of HVAC systems.

Other ways to identify the best HVAC contractors

Beyond reviews, here are a few other ways you can tell which companies you can count on to do good work and provide great customer service.

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