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Looking for Reliable HVAC Service? Appearances DO Matter.

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Last Updated on June 25, 2015



Choosing an HVAC service provider is not something that most people do every day. You’re probably not an expert, and you want someone who will do the job right. Of course you do your homework, but you still may end up with several estimates that look very much the same. Who should you choose? How can you tell the trustworthy ones from those unsavory characters “caught on camera” on TV news exposés trying to sell people unnecessary repairs or equipment?

Here’s a tip that may surprise you: when in doubt, go with the company that has a consistent, professional appearance.

Why we trust the uniform

Technicians in neat uniforms with a company ID, well-kept trucks bearing a recognizable company logo, a web site and proposal forms all using the same recognizable logo and color scheme–why are these things important? Because a company that cares about its public face is also concerned about hiring reliable heating and cooling technicians who do quality work. After all, these qualities all contribute to the company’s image and ultimately make the business more successful.

For better or worse, people tend to categorize others based on their appearance. There’s something psychologists call the halo effect that causes people to perceive those with a neat, professional appearance to be more knowledgeable and reliable. It’s why uniforms are required for certain occupations such as medical professionals and law enforcement. Personally, I believe people have these perceptions because there’s more than a grain of truth to the halo effect. A service organization that cares about its customers also cares about its reputation, and that starts with how the business appears to the public.

Building trust is about consistency

Years ago when I took over management of Arista, I understood from my marketing training that presenting a consistent, professional appearance was a way to build trust. Arista has a long history of always coming through for our customers with reliable service and the highest level of technical expertise. But we needed to project an image and a presence that showed off those qualities and gave people a level of comfort in choosing us. So we made everything we show to the public more consistent, from our logo to our trucks to our uniforms.

That consistency remains a priority today; as we roll out our new web site this month to provide a better customer experience, we are also updating our trucks and uniforms to maintain our recognizable presence.

Arista’s consistent professionalism extends to our communication as well as our clothing and vehicles. You’ll notice it in the way our staff listens to your concerns. Our service contracts and proposals are designed so that you can easily read and understand the contents. We make it a point to show up on time for service calls. If we are delayed for some unavoidable reason, we let you know. When you email or call us, we’ll always get back to you in a timely manner with the information you need.

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Trust is earned

We do these things to serve your needs as well as we possibly can, and to build a level of trust by presenting a familiar, reliable face. You might be surprised at how often new customers call Arista because they have seen our trucks with the big snowflake around their neighborhoods for years. The fact is, we appear trustworthy because we ARE trustworthy. We do quality work at a competitive price, so people turn to us again and again. That’s how we’ve built our business, and that’s why our trucks are a constant presence throughout New York City.

So the next time you’re trying to decide on a service company, remember that appearances do matter. A company’s public face shows you how much they care about customer service, quality and reliability.

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