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How to Calculate HVAC Energy Savings Like the Pros

Calculate HVAC energy savings

Are you considering replacing your older air conditioning and/or heating equipment in the hopes of reducing your energy bills? If your equipment is 10 years old or more, and especially if you have had a number of recent repair issues, it’s smart to look into it. But how much HVAC energy savings could you see, and is it worth investing in new equipment?

In this article, we’ll share a free tool used by HVAC experts that makes it easy to crunch the numbers. Plus we’ll explain the terms and ratings used to compare new energy-efficient air conditioning and heating equipment.

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Restaurant Refrigeration Installation: Get It Right the First Time

Refrigeration installation

What’s the worst thing you can imagine happening right before the grand opening of a new restaurant or food service business? Having problems with your new refrigeration equipment is a big one. After all, if your refrigeration installation goes badly, ALL your cold food storage equipment could be affected and fail to hold the correct temperature.

That could mean you can’t store all the product and ingredients that are being delivered, your staff can’t practice their prep techniques and recipes to get ready for the grand opening, and you can’t prepare any food that’s safe to consume. How are you going to open?

That’s exactly what happened to the owner of a New York City restaurant group when he hired to wrong people to do the refrigeration installation for a new restaurant.

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Restaurant Event Planning: 7 Tips for NYC Restaurant Week

restaurant event planning

During NYC’s restaurant week (which has become closer to a month), there will be hundreds of restaurants gearing up to put their best foot forward. How do you stand out in the crowd? Add entertainment to the menu. Restaurant event planning is a big deal for a reason: it draws people into your restaurant and greatly increases the chances of them having a memorable experience.

Check out these ideas to attract more diners and ensure a successful event.

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Ice Machine Cleaning Could Save Your Restaurant

Ice machine cleaning checklist

Food safety must be a primary concern for every NYC restaurant owner. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t stay in business very long. The consequences of serving potentially dangerous food are serious, not only to your patrons’ health, but also for your business:

  • Poor health inspection grades
  • Negative reviews on social media and in the press
  • Lawsuits and even financial damages

That’s why you’re vigilant about enforcing safe food handling and keeping your kitchen clean. But there’s a food safety danger in your restaurant that’s hiding in plain sight: your ice machine.

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Facilities HVAC Replacement Strategy for the New Year

Facilities HVAC replacement

Keeping hundreds or even thousands of HVAC units running is complex, and optimizing efficiency and avoiding downtime is critical. That’s why Facilities Managers need a plan for proactive HVAC replacement. As equipment ages, it becomes more inefficient. As a result, it’s increasingly likely to break down, provide inconsistent comfort, and drive up energy costs.

Here’s how to develop your plan.

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Make Restaurant Comfort a Priority (It is for diners!)

restaurant comfort HVAC

Here’s one fact you probably already know: the success of your restaurant is about much more than the food. Restaurant comfort is a big issue for diners, and a prime reason they will choose to frequent your establishment, or not.

Yet getting restaurant comfort right it not as easy as it seems.

Just think about your own experience. It’s probably something like this: your patrons complain about being too hot or too cold, or being bothered by drafts from your AC blowing directly on their food. And making it too loud to carry on a conversation. At the same time, your kitchen is sweltering to the point that people are ready to pass out from the heat. Even worse, you might have kitchen odors migrating to the dining room. That’s not a pleasant experience for your diners, either.

We’ve heard stories like this from the many New York City restaurants we have serviced over the years. Read on to learn why restaurant comfort is a tricky issue. Then we’ll reveal how the right combination of specialized equipment, HVAC system design and maintenance can improve environmental temperature control and solve your problems once and for all.

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Eco-friendly Heating and Cooling: Arista’s Commitment to the Environment

At Arista, we understand the impact that the HVACR industry has on the environment. Yet we believe that we can all be comfortable without sacrificing air quality or overtaxing our natural resources. 

Here are just a few of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability practices and education, as well as eco-friendly heating and cooling options.

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