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Why get an HVAC maintenance contract for your luxury residence?

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Last Updated on April 2, 2019


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As a luxury homeowner, you want good indoor air quality and pleasant temperatures inside your home. A reliable HVAC system delivers those two essentials for a comfortable living space. An HVAC maintenance contract can help you get and keep the indoor climate you deserve.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of an HVAC maintenance contract.

What you get from your HVAC maintenance contract

An HVAC maintenance program can help prevent a slew of problems.

These could range from warm and humid temperatures to mechanical breakdowns. Keep in mind that HVAC problems (such as water leaks) can cause damage to your expensive furnishings and decorative finishes.

Here are some problems you can solve with a HVAC maintenance contract.

1. Prevent breakdowns right before company arrives

It never fails. HVAC breakdowns usually don’t happen when you have nothing to do and are catching up on some R & R. Instead, air conditioning failures tend to hit when you can least afford it. Like when you’re expecting guests. Or when you’re rushing to pack for a getaway.

Here’s the good news. You may be able to avoid the inconvenience of rescheduling parties or the embarrassment of your guests melting.

How? By signing up for routine HVAC maintenance service. Believe it or not, you can prevent most breakdowns. Keep your system in top shape by having HVAC technicians regularly inspect your equipment for signs of trouble and complete service tasks.

2. Comfortable temperatures in every room

Maybe you haven’t had a total system failure. But you still aren’t happy with the performance of your HVAC system. Possibly, some rooms are too hot and others are too cold.

Have you ever grabbed a blanket because you’re chilly watching TV in the living room, while the upstairs bedrooms are toasty warm? Having hot and cold spots is not all that uncommon. Routine maintenance can often prevent temperature inconsistencies.

A qualified service vendor can often fix temperature problems just by adjusting your airflow, replacing your filters or cleaning or repairing your air ducts. As part of your HVAC maintenance contract, technicians will clean or replace filters, inspect ducts and check fans for proper airflow.

3. Less humidity

With an HVAC maintenance contract, you get regular visits from your HVAC maintenance service company. Those visits make your air conditioning system work more efficiently.

If your equipment is not running well, you could end up with humid air. No one likes sticky air. Even worse, it can damage your furniture, flooring, paintings, photographs and other decor you meticulously picked out for your home.

4. Cleaner air

Filters are relatively inexpensive, yet some people forget to change these screening devices that do so much for so little.

Paper filters trap dust and other large particles. HEPA (High Energy Particulate Air Filters) filters take air purification even a step further. They also weed out pollen, pet dander and other allergens. Did you know HEPA filters can even block bacteria and viruses from your breathing space?

If you neglect your filter, dust and contaminants will enter your breathing space and wreak havoc with your air conditioner.

Clogged filters trigger mold growth in ducts, which sometimes leads to illness. Dust accumulating can damage fan motors and other parts.

If you get an HVAC maintenance contract, your technician will change or clean your filters.

5. Head off expensive repairs and property damage

When you have an HVAC company keeping an eye on your system through your HVAC maintenance contract, you reduce the odds of a major system failure.

Breakdowns can cause water leaks that can damage your walls, ceilings, flooring and the cherished contents of your home. Your technician will take care of small problems before you have a costly repair on your hands.

6. Air conditioners that last longer

According to medical professionals, people who exercise, eat right, and take care of themselves tend to live longer. Well, the same is true about your HVAC system. By keeping parts in good working order, you can help your system last longer.

7. Lower energy bills

You probably have many other things you’d rather spend money on than high energy bills.

Studies show that by having regular maintenance as part of an HVAC maintenance contract, you can keep your HVAC system running like new.

On the flipside, an unmaintained system will lose up to 5-percent efficiency every year. That adds up to a whopping 50 percent in 10 years. When you realize that your HVAC unit uses roughly 50 percent of your energy bill, it makes sense to make efficiency a top priority.

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Not all HVAC maintenance contractors are equal

When you solicit HVAC maintenance contract pricing, remember not all HVAC companies are the same. Here’s just one example.

Only the top HVAC companies, such as Arista Air, have cutting-edge technology that provides you with visual proof of service.

Outfitted with recording technology that resembles safety glasses, Arista’s technicians’ record the work performed on your HVAC system. After your visit, you get a link to access your service call video.

Here’s what’s really important about that service video. You know for sure that you are getting the service you pay for. AND you can see for yourself that technicians are treating your home respectfully.

To find out more about Arista’s unique approach to service, check out: The Evidence-Based Approach to Choosing an HVAC Company.

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