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Video technology holds HVAC vendors accountable

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Last Updated on December 13, 2017


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As a homeowner, you’ve probably had at least one experience with a repair technician, remodeling contractor or mechanic that left a sour taste in your mouth. After the job’s completion, you wondered if you got what you paid for or overpaid for the services rendered. When an emergency forces you to call in a random fix-it person, feelings of helplessness are amplified.

If you were ever in that position, you will be excited to hear that you no longer have to rely solely on trust when determining if your bill matches up with service performed. Leading HVAC vendors have new technology at their fingertips that can provide you with visual evidence of the work done on your HVAC system.

Problems you may encounter with HVAC vendors

Though we find that HVAC vendors (in) New York City are an honest lot, you may have had the unfortunate experience of hiring one of the more unscrupulous HVAC vendors. Because you’re not an HVAC expert, it can be difficult to determine if the work is necessary or if you are paying a fair price. When they went into tech speak, they probably lost you.

Failing to consider all options
Then there are the HVAC vendors that will show you a part removed to prove to you it needed replacement. When it is noticeably broken that might suffice as evidence, but sometimes it is not as clear that replacement was the only solution.

Misdiagnosis due to lack of expertise
Here is another problem you could come across with local HVAC contractors: some HVAC vendors might not have a seasoned staff. You may encounter a technician who unintentionally provides incorrect or unnecessary services because of a lack of training.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You engage in an online search of HVAC vendors. A technician eventually arrives at your home without credentials and not wearing a company uniform. He fixes your system by replacing a major component and sticks you with a hefty bill. Your system restarts, but soon after suffers a relapse.

You call back the HVAC company and they send another technician, who actually knows what he’s doing. This technician replaces a minor part and submits a relatively cheap parts bill, but you’re still saddled with that minimum callout charge and labor. You are not the first person to pay a heavy bill for a misdiagnosed service, but you have no proof mistaken and unwarranted work transpired.

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Spreading it too thin
It’s the dead of summer, and the old air conditioning system that you’ve been nursing along is finally kaput. You rush to solicit system replacement proposals from a couple of HVAC vendors and select the less expensive contractor for the job. The technicians come to your home, but leave after an hour.
This initial service call is followed by a short visit the next day and the day after that and so on. In the meantime, you and your family are melting and doing what you can to find air-conditioned places to spend time.

HVAC vendors that do not get jobs done in a timely fashion have overbooked appointments. They likely do not have enough well-trained technicians to get the work done in an acceptable timeframe.

Lack of respect and care for your space
You’ve worked hard to provide your home with a comfortable, yet elegant setting. Your discriminating taste is evident throughout your living space. One of a kind artwork adorns your walls, and high-end furnishings and decor fill your home.

You do not want technicians to carelessly trudge through your home oblivious to the surroundings or disrespectful of your carefully designed space. It is not unheard of to have contractors come into a home dragging dirt from shoes onto floors, scratching wood or tile with equipment or damaging expensive wall coverings or breaking irreplaceable treasures.

Besides expensive decor, you may also have valuable personal items including jewelry in your home. You need to select trustworthy and respectful technicians when choosing from the list of HVAC contractors in New York City. When looking at local HVAC contractors, take painstaking care when reviewing references.

The real issue behind all these problems with HVAC vendors is trust. When you’re choosing a new vendor, it’s nearly impossible to know up-front if you can trust them. Here’s where the new technology comes in. The best HVAC vendors realize that you need more than trust, so they are using technology to provide you with evidence.

Cutting edge technology that provides proof + peace of mind

Leading HVAC vendors, such as Arista Air, are showing their dedication to transparent and expert service by supplying technicians with cutting-edge technology that provides clients with visual evidence of work done in their homes. Arista’s technicians now wear recording devices that resemble safety goggles.

By wearing the goggles and providing you with a video of the major components of the maintenance or service call, Arista’s employees remove the mystery from the work undertaken. The service expert is not just telling you what tasks were completed or listing the work on a bill; the technician shows you the services performed via a video sent to you. Another bonus, this technology enables technicians to access to the collective experience of Arista’s seasoned employees, which helps get jobs done faster.

An added plus for luxury homeowners or those who manage high-end residential buildings is the video will show the condition of the equipment and work area at the start and the end of the service call. This visual proof provides you with assurances that your space will receive the white-glove treatment.

You deserve the best from HVAC vendors

Only topnotch HVAC vendors have signed on to provide customers with this innovative approach to service, and you may wonder why. While other HVAC vendors may have qualms about ratcheting up transparency, Arista is confident that its well-trained staff will deliver expert services to its clients. By partnering with XOi Technologies to bring clients evidence-based service, Arista pledges its commitment to accountability and providing its clients with the very best in service. Why should you accept anything less from HVAC vendors?

To learn more about Arista’s mission to bring leading-edge visual technology to its clients, check out our free guide: Evidence-Based Approach to Choosing an HVAC Company.

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