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Owner’s Guide to Restaurant HVAC & Refrigeration Service


Like most business owners, you’re probably not an HVAC expert. Yet your restaurant HVAC is a mission critical system that your business can’t operate without. All year round, you depend on your heating and air conditioning system to keep your dining room comfortable for your customers, so they keep returning to your restaurant again and again. Your restaurant HVAC also keeps your kitchen and food prep areas comfortable for employees, which have specialized comfort and ventilation requirements in order to meet health inspection requirements.

The same holds true for your commercial refrigeration equipment. When your walk in freezers, blast chillers, low boy refrigerators and display cases are not working as they should, it’s a big risk to your business. If your food quality suffers, you could lose customers. In the worst case, you could be serving food that puts customers in danger of getting sick if your ingredients are not stored at the proper temperatures. The next thing you know, negative reviews start popping up on social media. And what happens if the health inspector shows up when your commercial refrigeration equipment is acting up?

That’s why we have put together this collection of essential information for the restaurant owner about restaurant HVAC and commercial refrigeration equipment service: it’s everything you need to know at your fingertips. Get the answers to all your questions and concerns here! Plus we’ve added out best advice for restaurant owners, based on everything we have learned from serving the industry for 6 decades.

Restaurant HVAC information for the business owner

Make Restaurant Comfort a Priority (It is for diners!)
Find out why it’s so difficult to get restaurant comfort conditions right, and the 3-step approach that can fix your problems once and for all.

Humidity Control In Your Restaurant Kitchen
Find out how poor humidity control is putting your food service business at risk, and learn about restaurant HVAC technology options that can improve conditions.

FAQ: Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Regulations & Best Practices
Get answers to common questions about commercial kitchen ventilation regulations, exhaust hoods, and kitchen design best practices to improve ventilation.

VRF Cooling Systems Provide Customized Comfort for Restaurants
VRF cooling systems are the latest and greatest restaurant HVAC technology, with quiet operation, zoned comfort and other desirable features.

8 Reasons Restaurants Need a Make Up Air Unit For the Kitchen
Learn about the unpleasant and even dangerous problems caused by lack of supply air, and why your restaurant needs a make up air unit for the kitchen.

Not every HVAC company has the expertise to deal with the specialized requirements of the restaurant environment. So how can you find a restaurant HVAC service provider that’s up to the task? Find out from this helpful reference: The NYC Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Choosing an HVAC Company.

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Advice about commercial refrigeration equipment & service

This Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist Could Save Your Restaurant
Don’t risk your business by serving dirty ice. Use this checklist to make sure ice machine cleaning is done properly by a refrigeration service company.

How To Save Money On Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Avoid costly and stressful breakdowns of restaurant refrigeration equipment with this 8-step guide to taking care of your equipment.

Restaurant Refrigeration: 4 Lessons from Frosty the Snowman
Restaurant owners: when you start taking better care of your commercial refrigeration equipment, something wonderful is just bound to happen!

Commercial Refrigeration Service: Must-Do for Your Busy Season
Is your restaurant ready for the holiday rush? Prevent breakdowns & lost business by tackling commercial refrigeration service tasks now.

How to Cut Downtime & Get Better Restaurant Equipment Service
Need better & faster restaurant equipment service? Learn why going with one provider for refrigeration, kitchen and restaurant HVAC service is your best bet.

5 Essential Tips for Choosing a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood
Learn about the essential features to consider when choosing a commercial kitchen exhaust hood for your restaurant kitchen, as well as ventilation design tips.

Here’s a tip you might not know: you get the best pricing and priority service with a refrigeration maintenance contract. If you have one for your restaurant HVAC but not your commercial refrigeration equipment, learn more about them here: Refrigeration Preventive Maintenance Contracts: How to Find the Right One for Your Food Service Operation.
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More great tips for food service businesses

NYC: 12 Tips to Get Ready for a Restaurant Health Inspection
We’re sharing the inside scoop on how the most successful NYC restaurants are preparing for a restaurant health inspection… and nailing the “A” grade.

Restaurant Customer Retention: Turn New Diners Into Regulars
Looking for restaurant customer retention? Building customer loyalty is tough. Use these ideas to turn new diners into regulars.

Restaurant Event Planning: 7 Tips for NYC Restaurant Week
How can restaurant event planning help you win over customers? See these tips for great ways to make your event work for you.

10 Restaurant Kitchen Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

Getting your restaurant kitchen design wrong can be a disaster for your business; don’t make these 10 common mistakes that can cost you big time.

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