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Central Air Repair in NYC: 10 Reasons to Choose Arista


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Usually our blog articles focus on our readers, their HVAC problems and concerns, and our best tips and advice for solving those problems. We’re not trying to sell you something: we understand that some of our readers just want information but don’t necessarily need our services at the moment. We’re happy to be your go-to source of reliable and trustworthy information about central air repair, maintenance and installation.

That being said, we do hope you’ll reach out to us if you’re in the NYC metro area and you find yourself in need of central air conditioner repair service, preventative maintenance, or installation.

Here’s why you’ll be glad you did.

Top 10 reasons to choose Arista for central air repair, maintenance and installation

1. Integrity.
To put it simply, we make a point of keeping our promises. And unfortunately, that’s not so easy to find anymore. We want our customers to rely on Arista for the long term. If you call us for central air repair today, we want you to be happy with the service you received and call us again anytime you need HVAC services. That’s why we put your needs first, work to earn your trust, and do everything we can to provide exceptional service.

2. Quick response.
When you need central air repair, we know you need it fast! Arista can get to you quickly because chances are, one of our 100+ trucks is already in your neighborhood.

3. Knowledge and expertise.
We have a large staff of HVAC experts who receive quality training on a regular basis. We’ve also been doing central air repair and maintenance in NYC for more than 60 years. That means, no matter what type of equipment or problem you have, we’ve seen it before and we know how to fix it. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to complete your central air repair on the first service call.

4. Exceptional value.
Our prices are competitive and you get what you pay for… and then some. Do you know how to compare central air repair cost and maintenance cost?

Read this to learn more about comparing contracts and prices:HVAC Service Contract Pricing Guide.

5. Estimates and contracts in plain English (not legalese).
It’s tough to compare options for central air conditioner repair when HVAC vendors don’t properly document their terms and their promises. Many hide behind legalese that protects them but makes it hard for you to know what you’ll get. We put everything in writing and in clear language that’s easy to understand.

Read this to learn more about contract terms: Service Contracts for HVAC: Red Flags & Language to Watch For.

6. Helpful communication.
We make a point of hiring friendly people that you’ll like to deal with. And every Arista employee can explain HVAC issues in terms you can understand, even if you’re not an HVAC expert like we are.

7. Brands.
We provide central air repair for any brand of equipment. That also goes for installations… we’ll never try to sell you on a specific brand just because that’s the line we carry. We recommend what’s best for your space, your needs, and your budget.

8. Trustworthy advice.
Have you ever found yourself deciding whether you should repair or replace broken HVAC equipment? If you’re dealing with a company that makes their money selling new equipment, or with one that only does service, their advice might be based on self-interest rather than your interest. Here at Arista, we do both central air repair and new installations. So you can trust that our recommendations are based on your needs, not ours.

See for yourself: here’s a helpful guide to making repair vs. replace decisions.

Repair-vs-Replace CTA

9. Evidence.
Establishing trust with a new service vendor takes time. That’s one reason we provide evidence so you don’t need to rely so much on trust. How do we do that? Arista has invested in technology that allows our techs to record their work on video. That means, when you hire us to do central air repair, you get to see the problem and what we did to solve it.

Learn more about how this works: How Reputable HVAC Contractors Provide Proof of Service.

10. Budgeting and planning.
Our commercial customers often have multiple locations and large HVAC systems with many equipment components. It’s a big challenge for facilities managers to keep track of the age and condition of all those pieces. Yet that’s important so you can plan for proactive replacements instead of having breakdowns and needing emergency central air repair. Why? Because doing things proactively saves money and prevents business disruption. At Arista, we help with that planning and provide reports to help you manage your equipment fleet and budget.

Arista is the smart choice for central air repair in NYC

We’re the smart choice for central air repair (and any HVAC issue) because:

  • We fix it fast and we fix it right.
  • We guarantee satisfaction.
  • You’ll never have to search for an HVAC company again!