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Post renovation cleaning: don’t forget your HVAC system

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Why you need post-renovation cleaning

Renovations are a fantastic way to improve the comfort, aesthetics, functionality, and resale value of your home or business property. But it’s a rough process, and many people experience tremendous relief and excitement once the project is complete. No more loud noises. No contractors in your space!

However, the work isn’t complete once you write your contractor the final check. Nearly all renovations bring in residual dust and debris to the property. If your contracting crew doesn’t do a great job of cleaning up after themselves (and many don’t), people turn to post-renovation cleaning services to get rid of it.

The problem is, there’s dust and debris in places you can’t see (and won’t be removed by a post-renovation clean up crew). That’s because it’s inside your HVAC system. And it’s harming your indoor air quality, harboring nasty odors, and putting a strain on your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Here’s what to do about it.

Why is post-renovation HVAC cleaning so important?

Any renovation puts a huge load on your HVAC system. Renovations throw up a lot of dust and debris in the air, and it ends up going into your ductwork. While that gets dust out of sight, it also drives up your power bill and shortens the life of your HVAC system.

Calling in the professionals for an HVAC cleaning can help save you from a costly equipment replacement.

HVAC cleaning: who to call and what to look for

The first thing you should do is schedule a visit from a professional HVAC service company. Once they arrive, there are several areas to focus on for your post-renovation HVAC cleaning.

1. Replace or clean HVAC filters

HVAC filters prevent dust and debris from entering your furnace and air conditioning equipment. If you don’t change the filter regularly, grime accumulates on the moving parts, which affects the equipment’s functioning and drives up energy bills. Clogged filters compromise air flow, and they can lead to your coils freezing or your compressor overheating.

New HVAC filters ensure optimal indoor air quality. Because repairs and renovations cause dust, it’s a good idea to change HVAC filters upon the project completion. Likewise, as a general rule of thumb, you should change out your filters every 90 days. If you have pets, asthma, or young children, you may want to change it as frequently as every 6 to 8 weeks.

2. HVAC duct cleaning

Duct cleaning refers to cleaning the different heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. Following a renovation, the dust and debris that coats every surface of your space has also accumulated in your HVAC ducts.

Professional duct cleaning gets rid of dust that can clog the passages, but it does more than that. Duct cleaning improves indoor air quality and gets rid of smells from decomposing paint flakes and other volatile chemicals. It also removes moisture that accumulates in the layer of dust, which is a perfect environment for mold growth.

It also helps keep your HVAC system clean and functioning at peak efficiency. When the equipment doesn’t have to work as hard, it uses less energy. That means lower energy bills for you.

3. Air conditioner coil cleaning

Another place where dust and debris can build up after a renovation is on your air conditioner’s coils, which are essential to your cooling system. Over time, the buildup impairs the air conditioner’s ability to remove heat from your space. It can also affect the airflow, which can result in higher utility bills and costly repairs due to equipment failure. Therefore, coil cleaning should be an integral component of all post-renovation cleaning projects.

An HVAC service company can send experts to take care of these tasks. Then you can enjoy your newly renovated space without worrying about odors, breathing construction debris, or unexpected HVAC repair bills due to equipment damage.

Consider an HVAC maintenance plan after a renovation

When it comes to your HVAC equipment, maintenance matters. Because it’s hidden away out of sight, you can’t see what’s happening to it over time when maintenance is neglected. But you pay the price with higher energy bills, poor comfort conditions, and more frequent breakdowns and repair bills.

An HVAC maintenance plan includes replacing filters and cleaning coils, plus many other tasks that help keep your system working reliably:

  • Cleaning vents and fans
  • Checking equipment operation
  • Cleaning pans and drains
  • Inspecting motors and other moving parts for signs of wear
  • Proactively replacing worn parts

If you’re in the NYC area, Arista can help with HVAC cleaning and ongoing maintenance for commercial spaces and luxury residences. Our professionals have the experience and expertise to guarantee that your home or business is safe from the invisible dust and debris that can compromise your equipment.

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