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New Technology Drives Faster HVAC Repairs in NYC


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Arista Boosts Consumer Confidence in HVAC Repairs & Service with New Wearable Technology

LONG ISLAND CITY, New York – Jan. 16, 2018 ¬¬– Leading NYC HVAC provider Arista Air Conditioning Corporation announced today an exciting new partnership with XOi Technologies that adds an unprecedented level of transparency about HVAC repairs and service to the business/client relationship through the use of cutting-edge technology.

The collaboration of Arista and XOi Technologies revolutionizes the way the HVAC service industry interacts with clients by empowering customers to see the tasks completed on a service call rather than trying to decipher job details from a bill. Customers no longer have to rely solely on trust when assessing job performance and are provided with video documentation of each service call.

Through its partnership with XOi, a leading field communications technology provider, Arista is outfitting its technicians with wearable video communications equipment. These video recording devices resemble safety glasses. The technicians video record the highlights of each service call. After the completion of the job, clients receive a link to their service video via email. (To see how Arista uses this new technology, click here).

Another benefit of this exciting technology is it allows technicians to communicate with Arista’s other experts when faced with a unique problem or unfamiliar equipment. The on-site tech can share a real-time video with Arista’s senior employees, who can instantly provide advice. This immediate access to a pool of seasoned experts facilitates accurate on-the-spot problem-solving for faster HVAC repairs.

“With this partnership, Arista is demonstrating their leadership in the mechanical service market by leveraging XOi’s intelligent field service communications platform to optimize their workforce by increasing productivity, efficiency and customer trust,” said Aaron Salow, CEO, XOi Technologies. “The actionable data they are gathering is creating strong results as they set a new standard in the field service delivery for their customers.”

Arista’s evidence-based approach to service assures customers they are getting what they pay for; the bill matches the services rendered. The video documentation is a useful record-keeping tool, especially for business owners and property managers in charge of multiple sites.

“We are excited about providing customers with this cutting-edge technology that brings unparalleled transparency to the customer/service provider relationship,” said Michael Rosone, Arista’s vice president of service sales. “Equipment is constantly changing. We think giving our employees the ability to instantly tap into the collective wisdom of technicians, who jointly have thousands of years of experience, is an invaluable resource.”

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