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Manage HVAC Service with Arista’s Customer Portal



Arista is making it easier to stay on top of maintaining and servicing your HVAC equipment. We are in the process of launching a new online portal where customers can schedule a maintenance or repair visit, access service call records, access invoices & balances, and more.

We understand that sometimes you need information outside of regular business hours. And, you don’t always want to take the time to make a phone call when you need to schedule service. That’s why we have created our new online customer portal that makes it quick and simple to manage your HVAC service needs at your convenience.

What can you do in Arista’s customer portal?

Access service records

For a busy business manager, it can be difficult to keep track of what happened during HVAC service calls, especially when you have multiple locations. This portal access allows you to access service history, see the records, and learn about the diagnosis and maintenance/repair tasks completed by your service technician. 

On the Service Calls page, you can view a list of your service visits with Arista. On the list, you can see details including:

  • Location 
  • Date
  • Call type (contract repair or maintenance, for example)
  • Description
  • Call status 

You can view and print the work order for each service visit, and even access the video that was recorded by your technician describing what he found and what he did. You can also see which technicians worked on your equipment, how much time they spent on each task, and read their notes.

Request a service appointment

Request an appointment from the main portal page, or from the service records page. That can be helpful if you’re not sure if a service visit has been scheduled — you can see a list of your Open, Complete, and Closed appointments, and request a new one if needed.

Simply complete the form with your name, contact details, location information, and a description of the problem and equipment affected. You can also request the best time to service the equipment. 

After you submit the form, you’ll get an email confirmation of your request.  An area Service Coordinator will then follow up to schedule the appointment. You’ll also receive status updates from your technician via email once the call has been dispatched.

View invoices and balance

Keeping track of HVAC service costs is much simpler with access to all of your invoices in the customer portal. You can view and print invoices for installation work, contract repairs, maintenance visits, and for quoted service. 

For service invoices, you can see the associated call number, allowing you to refer back to the original work order.

For an overview of all open invoices and balance due, you can also view and print your current statement.

Verify your contact information

In the portal, you can check that Arista has the most accurate and up-to-date information about your locations and contacts. 

You can see a list of your locations, including address, phone, email, and name of contact person. 

Accessing the customer portal

During our beta test period, we will send participants a link to access the portal. Upon general release of the portal to all customers, you’ll simply click a button on our Home page at

To sign in, you’ll need a Microsoft account (which is free) because the portal is built on Microsoft Sharepoint.

Arista’s portal works in most browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. 

When will the portal be available?

We are beta testing now and will be rolling out portal access over the next couple of months.

We will notify our customers by email when the portal is available for general use.