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Lacking Confidence in Your Current HVAC Service Contract? Consider an Independent System & Maintenance Review

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Last Updated on April 29, 2019


How confident are you that your HVAC maintenance provider has your best interest in mind when it comes to caring for your HVAC system?

Do you actually trust them? Or, are you tolerating them because it’s so overwhelming to find a new vendor?
It’s true–if you’re unsure that your current HVAC maintenance provider has your back, the thought of finding a new vendor can seem overwhelming. Sometimes it seems easier to stick with “the devil you know” rather than seek out other options.

One of the most underutilized and conscience-easing ways to begin transitioning vendors is the independent contractor assessment. By consulting an independent contractor to assess your HVAC system and perform a system review, this licensed professional can help give you some clarity by simply determining whether or not you’re receiving the service levels that were promised in your maintenance agreement.

An independent HVAC professional will conduct a thorough review of your HVAC system and the condition of its mechanical systems. This should include critical components such as the furnace, heat exchanger, evaporator coil, condensing unit, refrigerant lines and thermostats.

Here’s how it works: A detailed report will reveal any telltale signs that you’re not receiving the systematic skilled maintenance outlined in your contract. The findings could potentially be vital conditions that impact the life of your HVAC system, including:

  • Dirty drain pans
  • Slipping belts
  • Worn pulleys
  • Plugged condensate lines
  • Clogged filters

The Fresh Perspective of an HVAC Maintenance Professional

A longtime provider is familiar with your equipment, which saves you time because they can get right to work with little hand holding. However, this level of familiarity can also make it difficult to have the kind of honest conversation your business needs and your tenants or customers deserve.

Even if you’re happy with your current HVAC service company, it still pays to have an objective expert take a look. Whether you’re seeking peace of mind or the justification to switch vendors, an independent review can provide you with answers — and what you discover may determine the fate of your current HVAC service plan.

To learn more about the benefits of an independent HVAC system and maintenance review, grab our free guide, Contract Confidence: Transitioning to a New HVAC Service Provider.


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