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Go Mobile or Go Home: Why Your HVAC Vendor Should Be Using Mobile Technology

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Last Updated on April 30, 2019


Does your HVAC service technician show up with a paper work order in hand? Does he continuously have to go out to the truck to call the office for information? When you want to pay with a credit card, does he scribble down the information on a piece of paper?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider switching to a provider that uses more efficient hand held mobile devices to support the work order process. Devices can include smart phones, tablet computers, and dedicated wireless devices. Use of the latest communication technology is not just easier for the provider, but results in quicker response times, better security and more reliable service for you.

Access to your service history

When technicians can quickly access your customer file and service history, they will always have consistent, accurate, up to date information about your system, even in areas with no cell phone reception. Having this information at their fingertips saves time and streamlines the troubleshooting process by eliminating those trips out to the truck to call the office. Even if a different technician services your equipment every time, he will know when it was last serviced, what was done, and the status of any ongoing issues. You and your employees won’t have to take the time to explain the problem and what happened in the past.

Because he is able to see your service history, your technician can also recommend products and services that can make your system run more efficiently and cost-effectively. You save on fuel costs and prolong the life of your equipment when your system is running at its best.

Access to parts inventory

Mobile devices provide technicians with immediate access to parts inventory and availability, eliminating wasted trips. No more waiting hours in the sweltering heat while your technician makes the rounds to all the supply houses looking for a part to fix your air conditioner. He will be able to see where the part is available and get your equipment up and running again in less time.

More accurate work orders

When your HVAC service provider uses mobile devices, work orders are created and details are updated electronically, instead of scribbling information on a hard-written form. Eliminating illegible handwritten notes reduces errors that can result in wasted trips. You will always get the technician with the right expertise and the right parts to do the work you need done. Electronic records also save valuable time in an emergency situation by eliminating the trip to the office to pick up paperwork. The dispatcher can simply send the closest truck and forward the work order electronically.

More secure payment processing

Any time you see a technician write down your payment information on a piece of paper, you should be concerned about security. That paper with your credit card information can be lost or wind up in the wrong hands, causing you all kinds of headaches. Some mobile systems can encrypt your payment information, eliminating the need for technicians to write down payment details.

Better technician monitoring

Electronic records of service calls help service managers to know when technicians need training, whether it’s on repair techniques, spotting unexpected problems or on customer service skills. Managers can use the system to see who is taking a long time to complete certain repairs, who did the job when a complaint call comes in, or which work orders required return visits. The manager can then take action to get employees trained, which means that you get more qualified technicians who require less of your time.

Better customer service

With mobile devices providing information to technicians, your HVAC contractor’s office staff members don’t need to spend hours on the phone answering technicians’ questions, looking up service history and parts availability, and scheduling additional work. That means someone will actually be available to answer the phone when you call, to answer your questions and schedule appointments faster.

Make the move to a provider that inspires confidence

It’s no secret that paper is wasteful and inefficient. If your service provider still uses it as their primary method of record keeping and communication, you have to wonder if they are also behind the times on other technology. Are they keeping up with the latest in HVAC technology? Do they have the expertise to recommend, install and maintain state of the art equipment that could save you money?

If you’re thinking about switching to a new service provider that can save you time and money by using mobile technology, download our white paper Contract Confidence: Transitioning to a New HVAC Service Provider today!


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