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Extreme HVAC Service in NYC: Do You Have What It Takes?


HVAC service in NYC

You’ve probably heard about extreme sports such as hang gliding, mountain biking, rock climbing, and even extreme ironing (really!). Today we’re going to introduce you to a new form of extreme sport: it’s called EXTREME HVAC SERVICE in NYC, where everything is more extreme. It’s the kind of HVAC service businesses need to ensure consistent comfort without extreme costs.

What’s so extreme about HVAC service in NYC?

Well, just about everything. Let us explain:

It all starts with getting there…

In other parts of the country, getting to the job is a no-brainer: just hop into the truck, amble on over to the customer’s address and park in the lot or in front of the home.

For those of us doing HVAC service in NYC, getting there can be a major obstacle all by itself. Talk about traffic! It’s a way of life throughout New York City, and it can derail our schedule in a hurry when there’s an accident or construction or a visiting dignitary in town (which happens just about every day). Our extreme HVAC technicians need serious strategic planning skills to get where they are going on time.

Parking? Forget about it! There is rarely anything resembling a parking lot. If they get lucky, our techs might find street parking (with a meter) several blocks away. They must use constant vigilance to keep their eye on the time during the service call so they can run down 10 stories and over 4 blocks to feed the meter before getting hit with a parking ticket. Strength is a must for doing HVAC service in NYC: they need to carry more tools and equipment to minimize trips out to the truck.

Those of us providing extreme HVAC service in NYC do have a few tricks up our sleeves to deal with these obstacles, such as devising service zones and using fleet management systems. We beat those ordinary service providers to the finish line every time!

Then there’s getting at the equipment…

If you live and/or work in New York City, have you had a look at where your HVAC equipment is installed? In many cases, we find it jammed up into ceilings and walls and crawl spaces. That’s because space is so outrageously expensive here. Nobody wants to use space for air conditioning and heating equipment. Aesthetics, preserving architectural features and maximizing revenue-producing space take precedence over functional space for servicing HVAC equipment.

That makes HVAC service in NYC even more extreme for the guys who have to crawl into those ceilings, walls, and rooftops to get at the equipment for maintenance, repair or installation. We just have to do what it takes to complete the job. Never a dull moment!

Things really do get extreme when you’re providing HVAC service to NYC luxury residences. It’s not uncommon for our techs to exhibit the skills of a contortionist to get at the equipment.

An example comes to mind from a job in one of the most sought after apartment buildings on Park Avenue. In this case, we needed to install a humidifier in a coat closet, because that was the only available space. The problem was getting the water line from the kitchen to this coat closet, since there was a massive, domed foyer in between. Nobody could figure out how to do it until our field supervisor, Alan, climbed up into the tiny space (it would be generous to call it a crawl space, since it was too small for most people to crawl) above the ceiling. Alan just about made himself into a pretzel in order to snake the water line and the electrical line through a minuscule space to get to the humidifier in the coat closet.

CAUTION: Those with claustrophobia, don’t attempt to take on extreme HVAC service in NYC. Skinny guys? This just might be for you!

Then there’s finding the problem and fixing it…

HVAC service, especially in NYC where there are so many “creative” installations, can require extreme levels of ingenuity (in addition to stamina and flexibility). That’s why it’s essential for our staff to be MSCA certified and receive ongoing training on diagnosing and repairing problems with all types of equipment. We even provide the best diagnostic equipment, tools and technology.

Yet even with the best training and equipment, sometimes a service tech needs to think outside the box… even while squeezing himself inside a box.

This happened recently when one of our service techs was working on a problem for a prominent Manhattan restaurant. The kitchen was not getting enough return air, resulting in a negative air pressure situation that was so bad they couldn’t get the mechanical room door open. The cause was a mystery, until our tech decided to get INTO THE AIR DUCT to look for obstructions. He crawled up three stories (to the 66th floor) where he found the problem: a damper that had been closed for years and was concealing a broken fan. Who would have guessed? Only those with the extreme smarts to figure it out, and the willingness to take on the challenge.

Extreme HVAC Service in NYC: Do you have what it takes?

Extreme HVAC service in NYC combines the thrill of an extreme sport with the satisfaction of figuring out problems, working with your hands, and making customers happy. Are you ready to take on the challenge of this fun and exciting extreme sport/career?

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