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Display Case Breakdown: Avoid Costly Commercial Refrigeration Repair

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Last Updated on June 25, 2015


Cold Case: Display Case Gone Bad

For owners of New York City convenience stores, delicatessens, coffee shops and bakeries your refrigerated display cases are the lifeblood of your business. You’ve probably gone to a great deal of time and expense to choose the best commercial refrigeration equipment for your needs, and design a space that showcases your products in the most attractive and convenient way. And of course, you count on that equipment to work reliably 24 hours a day to keep items fresh for your customers.

If a display case breaks down, and you need commercial refrigeration repair, it’s a major headache and a major expense. You may be forced to throw out a lot of expensive product, not to mention the lost business while the unit is down. Then you have to fix or replace the unit in a hurry. Of course it will happen at the most convenient time, on a Sunday or a holiday when the service rates are at a premium. You may even have a health and safety issue if customers consumed food that was not kept at the proper temperature.

Fortunately, you can prevent this scenario by regularly performing a few simple cleaning and service tasks. When you’re diligent about caring for the equipment, your refrigerated display cases will run at optimal efficiency, which keeps your items fresh longer, reduces your energy bills, and extends the lifespan of the equipment.


  • Depending on the usage of your case, at least once a week (or even daily) you should do a thorough cleaning of the case inside and out, using mild soap and hot water. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive tools which can damage the finish. Don’t use water on electrical components; just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • At least monthly, clean the fan and condenser coils, which can accumulate dirt and debris and impair function of the unit. You can buy coil cleaner and do it yourself, but since these parts are delicate you may want to trust this task to your NYC commercial refrigeration or HVAC service professional.

Regular inspections

At least weekly, inspect the following items to make sure small issues don’t turn into unit failure. If you spot any concerns, consult a commercial refrigeration repair expert to take care of the problem.

  • Keep an eye out for water leaks. This can be a sign of clogged condenser coils, which is one of the primary causes of compressor failure.
  • Check for condensation inside the cabinet which can be a sign that doors are not properly sealed.
  • Make sure air flow is not restricted around the condenser coils.
  • Excessive noise coming from the fan motor or compressor can be a sign of an impending problem.
  • Check gaskets for proper seal, and for rips, tears or holes which can allow cold air to escape.
  • Inspect hinges and fasteners to make sure they are not loose.
  • Bent legs or loose castors should be fixed promptly.
  • In addition to your own inspections, schedule commercial refrigeration maintenance that includes cleaning and checking drains, coils, fan motor and refrigerant levels.

Now is the time to find the right refrigeration service provider

When you need help with your refrigerated display cases, you need it in a hurry. There’s no time to shop around when something’s broken, so evaluate and choose a service provider that can meet your needs before an emergency arises.

Here’s what to look for in a service provider:

  • Proven expertise in commercial refrigeration repair service
  • Ability to repair any brand of equipment
  • Customized service agreement specifically designed for your needs and budget
  • 24/7 response
  • Certified technicians with proven training and the experience to fix the problem right the first time
  • Depending on the size of your operation, a company large enough to handle the demand of multiple stores or locations
  • Computerized records of your equipment’s service history, work orders, and notifications

Companies like Arista with HVAC and refrigeration expertise can often service both systems with one combined preventative maintenance contract. To learn more about how to choose a contract for your refrigeration needs, download our free guide to finding the right HVACR preventative maintenance contract for your infrastructure.

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