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Business Owners: 20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

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Last Updated on April 8, 2019


Business owners, you know your employees are your #1 asset and a huge part of your business’ success. This is the time of year to let them know you recognize what they contribute to the organization and to you personally. When it comes to holiday gift ideas for employees, think beyond the generic gift card or fruit basket to make them feel truly valued.

Of course, everyone likes cash. But you would probably not be reading this if that was an option! Instead, peruse this list of holiday gift ideas for employees for some creative holiday gifts that are sure to please and send the intended message.

Holiday gift ideas for employees: TIME

1. A day off
Next to a cash bonus, this is probably the next most sought-after gift for employees. Give them an extra paid day off during or after the holidays.

Holiday gift ideas for employees: GREENERY

Fresh flowers are lovely, but they don’t last. Why not give the gift of live greenery your employees can enjoy for weeks, months or even years to come?

2. A fresh pine wreath
They smell heavenly and stay fresh for weeks. There are lots of decorated styled to choose from; check out L.L. Bean for some great options that can be shipped straight to your employees’ homes.

3. A bonsai tree or desktop terrarium
Do employees wish for windows with a view outside? Give them the next best thing: desktop greenery they can enjoy all day long. Find great options on Etsy or at your local florist.

4. A live cactus
Perfect for the employee who loves plants but alas, doesn’t exactly possess a green thumb. Check out Arizona cactus gardens.

Holiday gift ideas for employees: ENTERTAINMENT

Give your staffers something fun to enjoy outside the office:

5. Restaurant gift cards
A nice dinner at a great local restaurant is always appreciated.

6. Movie tickets & popcorn
Got movie buffs working for you? Make up gift baskets with movie tickets, candy and flavored popcorn.

7. Books
You can always go for an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, but why not make it more personal? If you know your employees well enough, choose a book for each person that you think he or she will enjoy.

8. Games to share
We’re not thinking video games here (certainly nothing that could be a distraction at work!). Instead, give the kind that your employees can enjoy with friends and family, such as a trivia game like Kwizniak.

Holiday gift ideas for employees: WARM ideas for the winter ahead

Here in the New York City area, the winters get pretty cold. As an HVAC company, we love to give the gift of WARMTH for the holidays! Here are a few ideas:

9. A smart home thermostat
If your employees are homeowners, this is a thoughtful gift idea that’s sure to be appreciated. With a smart home thermostat, they can come home to a warm home while saving money on their energy bills. Learn more about two great options: Smart Thermostat Reviews: Nest Learning & Honeywell Wi-Fi

10. Warm winter gear
Especially if your employees (like ours!) spend time outdoors, warm winter jackets, sweatshirts, and even cozy blankets are well received.

11. Hot cocoa box
What’s more perfect for enjoying a snow day than a gift set with luscious chocolately cocoa mix? Some come with mugs or treats for dipping, like Harry & David’s Holiday Hot Chocolate Duo Gift Box.

12. Ear warmers with headphones
This one is perfect for commuters (especially walkers) who love music: ear-warmers with built in headphones. The unisex style works for both men and women.

Holiday gift ideas for employees: GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING

Subscription gifts are all the rage, because they have impact over a longer period of time.

13. Music subscription
Speaking of music lovers, you’ve probably got a few on your staff who can’t keep all the music they love on their phones. How about a subscription to a streaming music service like Spotify? If they already use the free version, they will LOVE having access without the ads! Or try emusic, which offers unlimited cloud storage and discounts on new music.

14. Beer or wine of the month club
Help your employees relax with a craft beer or wine of the month club! (If you happen to be in our neighborhood of Long Island City, NY, check out Big Alice Brewing’s CSB program as an awesome gift for beer lovers!)

15. Box of goodies
What’s more fun than a box of goodies arriving on your employees’ doorstep each month? Pop Sugar boxes include fun finds from fashion, beauty, home items, and even edible treats. Birchbox includes make up, skin care and haircare samples.

Holiday gift ideas for employees: COOL TECH

Who isn’t a tech junkie these days? Here are some fun options:

16. Media streaming device
Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV devices let your employees enjoy all their favorite shows and more without a cable subscription. And they’re portable, so they make a great gift for employees who travel frequently.

17. Travel charger kit
Here’s another excellent gift for travelers: a compact charger that lets you charge up to 3 devices with only one outlet or car charging port.

18. Bluetooth tracking tag
This is an amazing device that finds your phone using a tag on your keys, and also finds your keys using your phone. Genius!

19. portable power bank
Who hasn’t had their phone go dead at a most inconvenient moment? A portable power bank takes away that problem for good: employees can easily recharge their phones or other devices anywhere, anytime.

Holiday gift ideas for employees: A SHARED EXPERIENCE

20. a company (or tean) field trip
Why not combine a fun gift with the team building experience? Treat your employees to a shared outing that everyone can enjoy together. Murder mystery dinners can be a hoot, or try the latest craze: room escape experiences where your team is trapped in a room with a zombie!

Now that you’re all set with holiday gift ideas for employees, here’s our gift to you: some help with getting to the bottom of comfort complaints in your office. Here’s a free copy of our informative guide: Improving an Imperfect World: Mitigating Office Temperature Extremes.

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Happy Holidays to all from Arista!