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Arista Improves Customer Service with Technology


customer service technology

It is a bit of a cliché, but it’s true: Most of us know the feeling of waiting for the cable repair or installation person to show up.

Not knowing when a service technician is going to arrive can be even more stressful when you’re a building owner or facilities manager who has to answer to frustrated tenants or a boss who is asking for updates.

At Arista, we firmly believe in leveraging technology to improve efficiency for our team and also to enhance communication in customer service.

That’s why we’ve now implemented a customer service technology designed to keep everyone informed when it’s time for an HVAC service or repair visit.

A simple way to enhance our customer service with technology.

Our simple yet innovative technology for customer service integrates email notifications with our scheduling and dispatch system. It allows us to keep customers informed of an HVAC service call’s status from dispatch through completion.

Here’s how our new service technology works.

When a customer calls Arista with an emergency repair or to schedule a routine HVAC maintenance visit, our customer service representative collects all the pertinent information including the customer’s email address.

Once all the information is collected, the representative places the service call into our system. When we’re ready to dispatch a technician, that service call ─ including who the customer is, their location, and what the call is about ─ is sent to a technician in the field.

That’s where Arista’s new customer service technology steps in to keep the customer up to date. As soon as a technician accepts the calls and changes the status using a smart device, our system automatically sends the customer an email notification that the technician is on the way.

That’s not all: The email also provides the technician’s name, so the customer knows exactly who is coming. This simple feature enhances security and gives customers an added level of comfort.

The notifications don’t stop there.

Our customer service technology allows our HVAC technician to update their status and automatically generates updates to alert customers at other stages of the service process:

  • When the technician arrives at the customer location
  • When the technician has completed the service call

With email notifications, property owners or managers don’t have to keep calling to find out when a technician will arrive. For owners or managers who are not on-site at the time of service, the notifications keep them informed and provide assurance that the maintenance or repair is being handled.

The result is a less stressful, more informed, more satisfying HVAC service visit.

What’s next in innovative technology for customer service?

Soon, Arista will be adding the technician photos to our email notifications, providing an added level of security and personalization. We’ll also be adding links for technician biographies, so customers can get to know about our techs, their training, and their expertise.

Down the road, we will be adding another level of customer service technology: service call summary reporting.

This capability will allow technicians to provide detailed reports on exactly what was done during an HVAC service call. The reporting will include any outstanding work orders, if needed, so customers will know if parts have been ordered and additional work needs to be scheduled.

It’s all part of Arista’s ongoing commitment to both enhancing how we communicate with customers and expanding how we use technology to provide responsive customer service.