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Air Conditioning Maintenance Doesn’t Cost. It Pays.



There’s no question about it, running a business in New York City is expensive. We don’t need to tell you that you’re faced with some of the highest rents and operating expenses in the country. Like any successful business owner in NYC, you do what you can to cut costs.

One area where you may be tempted to trim expenses is air conditioning maintenance. The benefits may seem kind of nebulous to you, especially if you have relatively new equipment. Why is air conditioning maintenance so important anyway?

The simple truth is, air conditioning maintenance shouldn’t really be considered a cost, since it actually saves you money. Depending on your equipment, the usage of your space and the nature of your business, air conditioning maintenance can save you a startling amount of money.

Here are 6 surprising ways that air conditioning maintenance actually puts more money back into your pocket:

1. Lower energy bills

Did you know that your HVAC system is responsible for nearly half of your energy usage? What’s more, studies show that air conditioning maintenance helps your unit to maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. That’s because a clean and optimized system runs less frequently and with shorter duration to cool your space, which means it consumes less power.

On the other hand, a neglected system loses up to 5% efficiency each year that it goes without air conditioning maintenance. Clogged air filters, dirty vents, condensers with accumulated grime and worn parts force your system to work harder to produce the same cooling results and use more energy in the process. Think about it… if you buy a brand new super-efficient air conditioner but fail to do air conditioning maintenance, before long its energy usage will be comparable to the old low-efficiency models.

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2. Fewer and less costly repairs

Regular inspections that are part of air conditioning maintenance give your technician the opportunity to catch potential problems and fix them before they cause a major headache. Small issues left undetected can and do cause failure of expensive parts and ultimately complete breakdown of the system.

Here’s just one example. When you neglect air conditioning maintenance, the condenser coil gets coated with grime and debris (which happens fast from NYC pollution). The dirty coil can’t release enough of the heat the system has removed from the air in your space. At first, this makes the system run longer to do its job. After a while, the increased strain on the system can cause overheating and compressor failure. When that happens, you may find yourself shelling out thousands for a new air conditioner, and kicking yourself for skimping on air conditioning maintenance.

What’s more, when your system fails you may be forced to pay emergency after-hours rates to get it fixed so you can keep your business open. All tolled, those repairs can take a major bite out of your profits, and air conditioning maintenance can save you a bundle.

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3. Increased equipment life span

Regular maintenance keeps the parts in good condition, so you may get an extra year or two, or even 5, from your air conditioning unit before you’ll need to replace it. Wouldn’t you rather save that capital for some other purpose than buying a new air conditioner years before you have to?

4. Increased worker productivity

It’s well-documented fact that workers are more productive when workplace temperatures are comfortable. Keep your air conditioner working reliably with air conditioning maintenance and you can also keep your employees doing the same thing.

According to IFMA (International Facility Management Association), temperature is the number one complaint from office workers about their workplace environment. And those complaints have a direct impact on productivity. A 2013 article in Men’s Health magazine, citing the results of a Northumbria University study, reported that warmer temperatures resulted in higher levels of employee efficiency, especially in the afternoon when post-lunch drowsiness sets in. At the same time, too low office temperatures also cause more employee errors, such as inaccuracies in data entry and word processing.

Regular air conditioning maintenance keeps workplace temperatures consistent and comfortable by eliminating air flow issues that lead to temperature variance.

5. Repeat customers bring more revenue

If you own a restaurant, retail store or other business where your reputation and customer loyalty can make or break your profits, pay close attention.

Your patrons want and expect a comfortable experience when they visit your establishment. If they are disappointed, they’re quite likely to share their displeasure with hundreds of their closest friends on social media. After all, who wants to work out in a gym that’s sticky with humidity, or try on clothing in a store that’s colder than a meat locker?

Air conditioning maintenance helps ensure consistently comfortable conditions to keep your customers coming back.

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6. An ounce of prevention costs much less than a pound of cure

This is especially true when it comes to the safety of your workplace. Neglecting air conditioning maintenance and the care of your HVAC equipment can lead to serious health and safety concerns that can cost you big time:

  • Air quality issues including the buildup and spread of airborne mold and contaminants. In the worst case, you can end up plagued with reports of sick building syndrome.
  • Carbon monoxide danger which doesn’t go away when you install carbon monoxide detectors. You can still be faced with a situation that will scare off your customers when the detectors go off and the fire department shows up at your door.

If you were thinking that air conditioning maintenance is too expensive, think again. The payback you gain with regular air conditioning maintenance outstrips the minimal cost many, many times over.

Another little known fact is that a good air conditioning maintenance contract is not one-size-fits-all. To get the right coverage to meet your needs and your budget, you need to work with a company that’s willing to create a customized air conditioning maintenance contract just for you. To learn more, grab a copy of our helpful guide to HVAC Preventive Maintenance Contracts: How to Find The Right One For Your HVAC Infrastructure.
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