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8 Steps to a Successful HVAC System Redesign: An Infographic

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Last Updated on April 29, 2019


According to the International Facility Management Association, temperature is the #1 number one complaint expressed by office workers. So how can you make sure your building temperature is comfortable and worker friendly?

Typically, simple updates to your HVAC system can help solve the problem, but sometimes it takes a redesign to make a world of difference.

Nearly 40% of HVAC systems are between 16-30 years old. Knowing this, it’s easy to see how, if not properly maintained or updated, systems can pose their own sets of problems for workers beyond just heating and cooling variations. A redesign may be much needed.We’ve created this simple infographic to help you quickly get on your way to a stress-free redesign.

Checkout our Infographic: 8 Steps to A Successful HVAC System Redesign

Small changes to your HVAC system are often the key to improving temperature variances. So before considering a redesign, check with your service provider for minor adjustments that can pay big dividends, now and into the future.

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