Why Use VRF Systems for Manhattan’s Luxury Residences?

The last 5 to 10 years has seen a shift in the type of cooling systems used for Manhattan’s luxury residences. In the past, simple air-cooled split systems were the norm (similar to those used in suburban homes). Today, a newer, more sophisticated technology called Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is available for high-end city townhouses and even high-rise apartments.

Like traditional split systems, VRF systems have outdoor condensing units and indoor air handling units. They are typically air-cooled and use refrigerant as the cooling medium. But the similarity stops there. This new technology can provide not only cooling, but also heat, and even both simultaneously when needed to different areas within the home. VRF systems use multiple air handlers, which provides the ability to create individually controlled zones.

What’s more, these systems are very quiet and energy-efficient because they run only at the capacity needed for the current conditions. This is very different from tradition systems that can only cycle on and off, running at full blast whenever they turn on.

A VRF system offer significant advantages over older technology for the luxury NYC residence:


Imagine cooling your living room for a party while warming the baby’s bedroom at the same time. VRF systems capture residual heat from the cooling process and can redirect it to other areas of your space that need heating.



The VRF system is designed to anticipate the desired set-point temperature and automatically adjusts the capacity of the system so that it reaches the desired temperature instead of overshooting it. That means consistent temperatures throughout, with no more hot or cold spots in your home.



Wouldn’t you love to control your HVAC system using mobile technology, so you can adjust temperatures right from your smartphone or tablet? VRF systems can integrate with this technology and make it more useful since you can adjust each zone independently.



The design of the VRF system results in less wear and tear on the parts, which means fewer repair issues.



Since the system runs at a lower capacity and the air handlers are smaller than those in traditional systems, VRF equipment offers whisper-quiet operation.



VRF systems are designed to run at exactly the capacity required to cool and/or heat your space to the set temperature. It doesn’t cycle on and off all day like a traditional system. Most of the energy consumption of an HVAC system occurs within the first minute of operation. By continually running at a low speed, VRF units reduce energy consumption and lower your energy bills.



Want to keep your apartment’s high ceilings instead of having to lower them to make room for HVAC equipment? Then a VRF system is the way to go: they don’t usually require ducts, and the smaller air handlers require less ceiling and wall space.



VRF equipment can operate using building cooling tower water making it an attractive alternative to traditional water cooled units.


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