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New York City’s diverse living spaces, from historic brownstones to penthouse apartments, present certain challenges for choosing luxury residential HVAC systems. For one thing, space is always an issue. There’s little to no outdoor space for equipment, and even indoor space is so valuable no one wants to use it to house bulky HVAC equipment. In addition, older buildings and brand new high rises are very different environments with varying climate control requirements. Manhattan’s elite homeowners demand quiet operation, modern controls, and, above all, consistent and reliable comfort.

That’s why it’s so important to choose an HVAC company with the experience to recommend the right type of system for your needs, then install and configure it correctly for your setting.

No one understands the unique requirements of heating and cooling the luxury residence better than Arista. We have been in the business of specifying, designing, installing, and servicing luxury residential HVAC systems for over half a century. You can trust us to help you make the right choice.

The residential HVAC systems best suited for NYC luxury homes

Known to the trade as “commercial grade” systems, luxury residential projects require more complex HVAC systems. Each one needs to be designed and engineered for the specific situation. These are some of the best and most commonly used residential HVAC systems in NYC.


Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems are a relatively new type of HVAC technology that’s an excellent choice for luxury residential HVAC systems, especially in a city environment. VRF systems can provide heat as well as cooling and even both at the same time in different parts of the space. These systems give you the ability to create individually controlled zones within your home. Their unique design results in whisper-quiet operation and improved energy efficiency. Smaller air handling units also may mean you don’t have to give up your high ceilings to make room for the HVAC system. You even get the latest control features such as the ability to program your system from your smart phone. What’s not to love?

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Split systems are the residential HVAC systems of choice in the suburbs but can sometimes be used in the city as well. They have outdoor condensing units (which can be housed in a mechanical room) and indoor air handlers. Ductless mini-split systems are frequently used for room additions (where you need to add HVAC without installing a completely new system) or for low-use areas such as garage or basement space.



In 30+ story high rise buildings, there is often a base HVAC system (usually water-cooled) that serves the entire building. If your building has a base system, you will need to install equipment inside your apartment that ties into that system. Arista employs various technologies that can take the large volume of chilled water from the base system and distribute it efficiently throughout your apartment.



In historic buildings, there are often restrictions on new penetrations through exterior walls. Sometimes the only air conditioning systems that can be used are replacement through-the-wall units, also called PTAC systems. Even in these situations, Arista has the experience to take every possible step to minimize noise and maximize consistent comfort.


If you’d like more information about the types of residential HVAC systems used in NYC luxury homes, grab a copy of this helpful publication: The Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning for NYC Luxury Residential Spaces.

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