Why You Need Residential HVAC Design For Your Renovation Project

As a luxury homeowner, you have high expectations for your renovation project. You’ve chosen expert architects, designers and craftsmen to tend to every detail of your project to ensure you get a well-appointed and comfortable home that you can be proud of. So don’t overlook planning for your HVAC system. After all, temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality all have a major impact on comfort in your home.

Investing in residential HVAC design expertise helps you avoid system design errors that can compromise your family’s comfort, and result in cost overruns and project delays.


The truth is, few contractors or architects are experts in residential HVAC design. As a result, spaces designed and constructed without HVAC engineering often wind up with deficiencies that you must live with for years to come. For example, if load calculations are done incorrectly (which is common) you can end up with a system that’s too large, causing your space to be too humid. Or, poor distribution design can create hot and cold spots that are tough to fix later on without tearing out walls and ceilings.

Getting Arista’s HVAC design expertise early in the planning process means you get the right equipment and distribution system to produce optimal comfort in your home.



Without properly documented plans and design drawings, you could find yourself in a bind if you need to make changes to your system design in the future. Also, these plans can help you get better ongoing service, because it’s easier to diagnose problems. Here’s another benefit of planning your HVAC design early on in the renovation project: attention to proper placement and access to equipment can reduce your maintenance expenses.

At Arista, we also service the systems we design and install. That means we take the time to ensure your system is designed to be efficiently maintained in the future.



HVAC installers that are not experienced with luxury residential projects often make the mistake of skipping the design and permitting process. That’s because the process is complex and time consuming: including research, site visits, CAD drawings, and obtaining permits from the NYC building department. Having legal permits and plans is in your best interest to avoid both unsafe practices and problems from the city that can delay your project.

Arista has the experience to ensure your residential HVAC design plan is up to code, properly documented and legally permitted.



HVAC systems that are incorrectly designed and sized can significantly increase your energy bills. Have you ever had an air conditioner that turned on and off frequently all day long? That happens when the system is oversized, and it draws lots of excess power. Another common problem, especially with luxury homes, is inefficient ductwork design. This situation forces the system to run constantly (and run up your electric bill) as it tries to create consistent temperatures throughout the space.

Investing in Arista’s residential HVAC design ensures you get the most energy-efficient and effective system for your space.


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