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How can I make sure my refrigeration equipment passes NYC’s health inspection?

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Last Updated on July 21, 2015


Food that’s stored or held at temperatures that are too high can make people sick and lead to serious public health issues. That’s why the NYC health department scores violations related to food temperature so high. And it doesn’t take much for your refrigeration equipment to run too warm:

  • It accumulates lots of dust, debris, and spattered grease and food droppings. If you don’t regularly clean the coils, that buildup makes it harder for the coils to cool the unit, eventually causing the temperature inside the unit to rise.
  • Another common cause of temperature issues is refrigerator or freezer doors that don’t close properly. Loose or broken hinges or even grease on gaskets can cause your refrigerators to leak cool air and even suck in hot air.

Performing regular maintenance on all your refrigeration units can all but eliminate these temperature concerns. Investing in a maintenance contract with Arista keeps your equipment in top shape, so you can be sure the food you serve is safe and meets quality standards. And you can breathe easy the next time the health inspector visits your restaurant.


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