Get Fast Emergency AC Repair for Your Business

When your AC is down for the count, time is of the essence. After all, as your commercial space gets hotter and hotter, your employees’ productivity is declining, and customers may be walking out. We understand that you need it fixed fast. You can count on Arista for fast emergency AC repair. We will get to you quickly, and even more importantly, in most cases, we can have you back up and running with one service visit.


It is Arista’s intention to provide emergency service within four hours of receiving a call. For calls received prior to 12:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri), Arista will typically respond within the same day. For calls received in the afternoon, we will respond the same day if possible, but more likely the following day. If you need us faster, we do offer 24/7 emergency service. Please note that there may be overtime charges depending on when we arrive.



Arista has more trucks on the road than any other New York City metro area HVAC service provider. On the hottest day of the year when smaller operations are booked solid with emergencies, we always have teams working on non-emergency work that we can re-route to cover a mission-critical emergency AC repair. You’ll never wait days for Arista to get to you.

We also realize a fast response does you little good if you have to wait three days for the parts to fix the problem. That’s why Arista invests heavily in parts inventory for our trucks. It’s highly likely our technician will have the parts to make your emergency AC repair on the spot. In the rare case that he doesn’t carry a part you need, Arista’s relationships with numerous supply houses throughout the metro area mean that 50,000+ parts are readily available to us nearby. We even have dedicated drivers who can go retrieve a part while your technician keeps working at your site.


For more information about specific services, please contact us.