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Schools: Save Money with Preventative Maintenance for HVAC

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Last Updated on April 8, 2019


preventative maintenance for HVAC

Let’s be honest: Preventive maintenance for HVAC is probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to your school budget. But as long as there is no such thing as “extra” money in that budget, getting an HVAC preventive maintenance contract really should be on your to-do list.

Making sure your HVAC system is always reliable, effective and energy efficient cuts costs in the long run. And, it also helps to create a more comfortable and safe environment for learning. Let’s take a closer look why preventive maintenance for HVAC is such a smart idea.

What are the benefits of preventive maintenance for HVAC?

According to the EPA, studies show that half of U.S. schools have problems linked to indoor air quality (IAQ). Poor HVAC maintenance can contribute to these issues. Poor IAQ creates health risks for students and teachers, and a poor environment for learning.

Many states have established best practices to help ensure good air quality in schools. Preventive maintenance for HVAC is high on the list.

Whether or not your school has IAQ requirements, the benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance for schools and universities are very clear:

Reduce or eliminate emergency repair costs. Where budgets are tight, regular maintenance helps to keep HVAC systems in peak operating condition. That prevents breakdowns and helps you avoid the cost and inconvenience of unexpected repairs.

Create a healthier environment. Regular preventive maintenance for HVAC can reduce the risk of air quality issues, creating a healthier environment. For example, regular maintenance helps to prevent mold problems by controlling humidity.

Reduce energy costs. A well-maintained HVAC system runs more efficiently and for less time. That reduces energy use and saves you money.

Extend equipment life. Your HVAC system works hard for you. But if you keep it regularly cleaned and tuned up, it can last years longer. And that can mean added savings.

Encourage learning. This may sound like an overstatement. But a classroom that is the right temperature and humidity not only is healthier — it also can be more conducive to learning. So, preventive maintenance for HVAC can even improve student performance and teacher productivity!

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Why get a preventive maintenance contract?

Of course, you can call a service provider to schedule preventive maintenance for HVAC on an as-needed basis. But before you make that your “best practice” for HVAC care, consider the benefits of an HVAC preventive maintenance contract:

Better pricing — You’ll save on routine preventative maintenance for HVAC as compared with the cost of one-time service.

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Automatic reminders when it’s time to schedule service — You won’t have to worry about remembering when you’re due for preventative maintenance.

Techs who know you and your equipment — With a contract, you should have an assigned technician and account manager who will get to know your equipment. That means they can spot issues more easily.

Priority service for repairs, if you need them — With regular preventative maintenance for HVAC, it’s unlikely you’ll need emergency repairs. But in the event of the unexpected — say, your air conditioning breaks down during finals weeks — you’ll get faster service as a contract customer.

Flexible billing — Many HVAC preventative maintenance contracts offer payment flexibility, such as allowing you to make payments quarterly or yearly.

What should an HVAC contract do?

With a contract for preventative maintenance for HVAC, a skilled technician will perform a thorough inspection of your systems, to detect and fix any small issues before they become a bigger problem. That way, you are far less likely to need an emergency repair — helping to save money and maintain a safe and comfortable learning-friendly environment.

Typically, an HVAC service contract includes routine maintenance tasks such as the following:

  • Cleaning intake and exhaust vents
  • Cleaning drip pans, drain lines, coils and so on
  • Checking for excess condensation
  • Testing the function of system dampers
  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Checking carbon dioxide levels
  • Inspecting ductwork
  • Checking for accumulated dust and mold
  • Ensuring that thermostats are working
  • And more

Ideally, everything included in your preventative maintenance for HVAC should be spelled out in the service contract. If it’s not, be sure to ask what tasks are included in the specific provider’s HVAC preventative maintenance service.

To compare what different services contracts may offer, use this handy HVAC preventive maintenance checklist.

Why choose Arista for preventive maintenance for HVAC?

There are the top 5 reasons.

  1. Responsiveness — We have more service vehicles and techs in the NYC area than anyone else, so we can respond quickly.
  2. Knowledge — Our techs are highly experienced and highly trained.
  3. Brand Experience — We can service any brand (not just one or two).
  4. Local Expertise — We’ve been installing and servicing HVAC systems in NYC for decades. So we have experience with all types of legacy equipment and all types of buildings.
  5. Proof of Service — We video-record our service work so you can see for yourself what we do for you.

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