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Preventative HVAC Maintenance Contracts for Faith-based Organizations

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Last Updated on April 2, 2019


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When it comes to preventative HVAC maintenance, vendors tend to talk about “commercial” or “residential” service as though that’s the only type of customer out there. What about other types of organizations and spaces that need reliable heating and air conditioning? As a church, synagogue, temple or other faith-based organization, where do you fit in?

Your HVAC system needs to be reliable, effective and energy efficient, just like a home or a business. But you may have different priorities and requirements that need to be built into your agreement. Here’s how to get exactly what you want and need from your preventative HVAC maintenance contract.

What you get with preventative HVAC maintenance

If this is your first time looking into a HVAC preventative maintenance plan, let’s review the benefits for anyone who has heating and air conditioning:

Fewer breakdowns. That’s why it’s called “preventative” HVAC maintenance. The service includes a thorough inspection of your system, so your technician can find small problems and fix them before they cause a system failure. So, it’s far less likely you’ll need an emergency repair. That saves you money. And it prevents disruption of the services and activities happening in your space.

Longer equipment life. When your HVAC system is regularly cleaned, tuned up and kept in peak condition, it can last years longer. That can add up to a big savings.

Lower energy bills. Speaking of savings… did you know that your HVAC can account for more than half of your energy expenses? Preventative HVAC maintenance keeps equipment running efficiently, so it uses less energy.

Better comfort and air quality. When your HVAC system is properly maintained, your equipment works better. That means you get more consistent temperatures and better humidity control. Maintenance tasks like changing air filters also help improve air quality, so people can breathe easier.

TIP: Check out this preventative maintenance HVAC checklist that can help you compare service contracts. If it’s not on the contract, make sure to ask what tasks are included in the preventative HVAC maintenance service.

Why a contract is the best way to go

You don’t have to have a contract to get preventative HVAC maintenance. You can just call and schedule the service when you want it. However, there are additional benefits you get with a contract:

Better prices. You get better prices with a preventative HVAC maintenance contract than for a one-time service.

Reminders. You’re busy… who has time to think about when you’re due for preventative HVAC maintenance? With a contract, you get reminders when it’s time to schedule a visit.

Techs who know your equipment. As a regular customer, you should have one or more technicians (and possibly a manager) assigned to your account. Those people get to know your equipment and can spot issues more easily.

Priority repair service when you need it. You won’t need emergency repairs often when you get regular preventive maintenance for your HVAC systems. But when you do, you’ll get faster service as a contract customer.

Flexible billing. A preventative HVAC maintenance contract can provide helpful payment flexibility, like paying quarterly or yearly.

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Faith-based organizations: why you need a custom agreement

As a faith-based organization, you’re not a business, and you’re not a residence either. You might need something a little different than a standard commercial or residential preventative HVAC maintenance contract. Here are just a few examples.

Service frequency. Make sure your service provider schedules the number of maintenance visits on your contract based on your actual HVAC usage. How many hours during the week is your AC used in the summer? It may not run 24/7 like a home or business.

Appointment flexibility. Also, you want the ability to schedule maintenance visits at convenient times when someone is in the building, but not during a service. Sometimes that might require an appointment outside normal business hours.

Weekend rates. Speaking of appointments outside normal business hours, what happens if your AC goes down on a weekend? For a business that’s closed on the weekend, that might not be an emergency. But if you have a service with hundreds of people showing up, you need it fixed right away. Usually, that means paying a premium rate. However, if you have a preventative HVAC maintenance contract you might be able to negotiate a reduced rate in advance for that situation.

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