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Why You Need a Dedicated HVAC Service Account Team

HVAC service account team

If you have used the same HVAC service company for some time, chances are you have a good relationship with a technician who visits you regularly. You already know how helpful it is, and how much comfort it brings you, to have this person you trust who knows you and your equipment. That person really represents the face of the company for you. 

But chances are, you know little about everybody else who is working behind the scenes to take care of your account and provide the HVAC service you want and need. It truly takes “a village” to provide a great customer experience. 

If that’s what you expect from an HVAC service provider, we thought you might like to know about the other dedicated professionals that are part of Arista’s account teams, and exactly what they do for our customers.

Meet your HVAC service account team

Even though customers don’t always see it firsthand, there are a great many things that need to go right for your HVAC service work to be completed successfully. That’s why Arista has organized teams that handle specific regions within our service area. When you become an Arista customer, you have a team of specialists assigned to your account:

Account Advisor: responsible for your overall satisfaction and can help facilitate solutions with the team. 

Service Manager: oversees the day to day operations of the field technicians and the team responsible for scheduling and dispatching.

Service Coordinator: dispatches technicians for emergency service and scheduling repairs. 

Maintenance Coordinator: schedules all maintenance visits.

Service Advisor: is responsible for repair estimates that may have been recommended while performing maintenance or providing emergency service.

Contracts Administrator: handles the administrative tasks associated with your maintenance contract.

Accounts Receivable Representative: answers questions about invoices and processes payments.

Why a specialized team delivers better HVAC service experience

More expertise in their job responsibilities

As we mentioned, there are a lot of tasks involved in delivering quality HVAC service. In a small organization, there will be one or two people who need to handle it all: scheduling appointments, ordering parts, making sales calls, preparing estimates, sending bills, and getting the truck repaired. And of course doing maintenance and making repairs! 

Those one or two people can’t be great at everything, or even have time for everything. And there’s probably nobody in charge of your satisfaction.

Our team of specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of their work. They get the benefit of process training and supervision, and are accountable for doing their part to ensure you have a great customer experience.

Easier to get help when you need it 

How many times have you called a small service organization during regular business hours, but were forced to leave a message because everyone is out on service calls? With a limited number of staff doing everything, it’s going to be hard to reach the person you need. 

Arista’s team structure benefits our customers because it’s easy for you to find out who to contact if you have specific questions or any issues, and easy to get in touch with that person. In fact, our contract customers get a welcome letter with the names of the people on your account team and how to reach them.

Our account team structure makes things smoother and easier for our employees as well, because our team members always know who handles what task and in which region. That means your work won’t fall through the cracks or get lost on somebody’s desk.

More personalized service

You might not expect that a large organization like Arista could provide more personalized service. But we can. That’s because we have dedicated teams of people who are familiar with the customers they work with regularly. And they can take the time to get to know you, your equipment, your space, and how you prefer things to be done.

Look no further than Arista for top-notch HVAC service in New York City

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