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HVAC Jobs in NYC: Arista is Hiring Technicians 

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Last Updated on April 25, 2022


Arista Air Conditioning: jobs available for technicians at all experience levels

Looking to boost your career with a new challenge, or get started as an HVAC service technician? Arista Air Conditioning, the largest HVAC & Refrigeration service organization in the NYC metro area, is currently hiring technicians at all experience levels including entry-level helper positions, apprentices with some experience, up to fully qualified journeymen. 

We’re looking for the best and brightest technicians for:

  • Heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Refrigeration repair and maintenance 
  • Hot-side kitchen appliance repair

If you ask around, you’ll find that Arista has a reputation for being a great place to work. Keep reading to find out why, and to learn how you can increase your chance of landing one of our HVAC jobs in NYC.

The best HVAC jobs in NYC: why Arista?

Diverse opportunities

Arista is one of the largest and most trusted providers of HVAC, Refrigeration, and Kitchen equipment service in the nation’s largest city, with over 100 service vehicles. We serve a variety of markets and industries across the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. 

Why should that matter to you as a technician looking for HVAC jobs in NYC? Because when you work for Arista, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of interesting opportunities, as well as different types of technology and equipment. You’ll have a chance to work in settings such as elite residential buildings, 5-star restaurants, universities, medical facilities, and sports and entertainment venues. You’ll also work with, and learn from, over 150 highly skilled service professionals on our team.

Growth potential

In a smaller organization, there’s only so far you can take your career. For the ambitious, you’ll greatly increase your career possibilities when you work for Arista. Those who join us as entry-level technician helpers typically become full journeymen within five years. 

Beyond that, you have the chance to move into field supervision, parts management, training supervision, and other management positions within the company.


Arista has been a family owned and operated business since 1949. We highly value the company culture we have built over the years. It makes working more enjoyable, it brings us valuable employees who stay for the long term, and it helps us to deliver top-notch customer service so we keep our customers for the long term, too.

To nurture our team-oriented culture, we create opportunities to do things together as a company. That includes fun outings for employees and their families and also opportunities to do charitable work together. If you value building relationships and giving back to the community, you’ll fit right in at Arista. 


In the HVAC & Refrigeration business, technology is changing so rapidly that no one can ever say they know it all. In this industry, being curious and committed to learning is essential because you’ll be doing it until you retire. 

That’s why Arista has created a multifaceted training program that helps technicians become highly qualified diagnostic and technical experts. Here are just a few of the resources that Arista technicians use to continuously hone their skills and their craft:

  • Interplay Learning, a virtual learning platform with 3D simulations, provides Arista techs with a wide variety of technical coursework for all experience levels. 
  • Video library. Arista technicians use hands-free technology to record videos that explain what they’re doing as they work. Those videos are available to the entire staff as learning aids. (The tech is called XOi and it’s eyeglasses with built in cameras and microphones; check it out!)
  • On the job training. As a helper or apprentice, you’ll work alongside experts who demonstrate skills and supervise as you try tasks for yourself on a real job site.
  • Local 638 training school. Helpers and apprentices who show the greatest potential may be selected for our local union’s 3 or 4 year training program (paid for by Arista).

Union benefits

As a union shop, Arista recommends new techs for membership in Local 638 (our local union for HVAC service technicians, a branch of UA) within about 6 weeks of starting with us. All you have to do is complete some paperwork and you’re in.

Union members get just about the best benefits available anywhere. You can read more about the advantages of union HVAC jobs in NYC here.

What Arista looks for in HVAC technicians

For higher level technical positions, of course Arista wants qualified experts who can demonstrate their skills and abilities. Above and beyond that (and for entry level jobs) here’s what Arista values most:

  • Cultural fit. Are you a team player who values work and customer relationships?
  • Work ethic. Are you reliable and willing to work hard to solve customer problems, especially during the summer busy season?
  • Commitment to learning. Are you curious, open-minded and willing to put in the effort required to become an expert?

When you are invited for an interview at Arista, we try to get to know who you are as a person. Here are a few questions that you might be asked:

  • What 3 adjectives would your friends/family use to describe you?
  • What is the biggest challenge in life that you have overcome?
  • What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it? 

Arista’s hiring process: what to expect & how to prepare

When Arista invites you to interview for a service technician job, you’ll speak with several people in our organization, including our HR director, the hiring manager, and possibly another manager. After all that, if you get invited to speak with our President, Scott Berger, you’ll know that you made the final round! We do get many applicants and it takes several points of contact to decide which candidates will be the best fit.

However, remember that a job interview should be a two-way conversation. We need to evaluate you, but you also need to evaluate Arista to decide if our company is right for you. So we advise you to prepare ahead of time. Look at our website, our social media, and ask others you know who work for us or use our services. 

You’re considering a long term relationship with our company. What do you want to know? The interview is your chance to find out, so come prepared with questions.

Are you ready to join our team? Apply today.