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Buying a High End Air Conditioner? Get White Glove Installation


high end air conditioner
Whether you prefer old world charm or a modern twist, it took your painstaking decisions to furnish your home in a way that reflects your distinctive taste. Now you need a company that will make the same effort to protect your investment with a premier climate control system.

As a luxury homeowner or a property manager, why would you trust the installation of a high end air conditioner system or maintenance of that system to any company that does not have impeccable credentials and the capability and personnel to provide you with white glove customer service? Rest assured, there are companies nearby that can offer you with white glove customer service when installing a high end air conditioner system.

Hiring a company for your high end air conditioner installation: It’s a matter of trust

When inviting an HVAC (heating ventilation & air conditioning) service technician into your home, you need to be able to trust their expertise and their work performance. You should look for a company with the capability of a making you a priority and responding rapidly when you need them pronto.

While considering a high end air conditioner installation company, isn’t it important for you to select a company that keeps the lines of communication open? You don’t want an installer and maintenance contractor to keep you guessing. You want them to provide you with information upfront, rather than offering explanations after the fact and eliminating you from the decision-making process.

Additionally, because the element of trust is so important when allowing visitors access to a home, you should look for a company who values a professional appearance. Uniforms, ID badges, tidy trucks with a distinguishable logo are a sign the company cares about its public image and makes hiring trustworthy employees a business requisite. They should be able to provide you with references.

Here are some more things to look at when choosing a company to install a high end air conditioner system in order to get the white glove customer service you deserve.

  • You need a company that can accurately assess the unique needs of your living space when installing a high end air conditioner system.
  • You need a company whose technicians are respectful of your surroundings and careful not to leave a mess behind or damage expensive furnishings. You should not have to put up with sloppiness especially when it could lead to safety issues.
  • The company should provide reliable white glove customer service when performing routine maintenance work to prevent breakdowns, make emergency service calls when you need them (such as when guests are invited over!) and always arrive on a timely basis.
  • The company must be able to accurately diagnose and repair problems to prevent reoccurring service calls.
  • When installing a high end air conditioner system, the company must be able to outfit your home or apartment with equipment that is not an eyesore, take up valuable space or is audibly obtrusive.
  • The HVAC company must have flexibility and the ability to operate in conjunction with other contractors working on a renovation project in your home and finish a job in an appropriate timeframe.
  • Though you should not choose a company solely on location for maintaining your high end air conditioner system, you do want to make sure they have enough service technicians and trucks on the road for a rapid response.

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A unique home requires unique services for a high end air conditioner installation

In Manhattan, where the average square-foot price for a condo or co-op is $1,771 per square foot and luxury residential space commands significantly more, isn’t is essential to find an HVAC company that understands your needs? And has experience dealing with a variety of challenges that can come with luxury home ownership at your locale?

As a property manager or a homeowner, you don’t want to take up premium space with a mechanical room. If you live in a luxury apartment or townhome, you may have precious little outdoor space for outdoor condensing units and you may not have rooftop access for the installation of a condensing unit that is part of an HVAC system. You need a company that has experience fitting HVAC units inconspicuously in small recesses and hidden alcoves.

If you live in an historic brownstone or a townhome with majestic high ceilings that you don’t want compromised by air ducts and air handlers, a seasoned contractor can find solutions. If your home has received an historic designation, you can also be faced with restrictions when it comes to altering the interior of your home or the exterior façade.

You may have even hired an interior decorator, who has customized your home with specialty veneers and spectacular wall coverings and it would be a crime to mar these exceptional features with holes for the installation of a high end air conditioner system. An experienced company has answers for unique circumstances.

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The best high end air conditioner installers will be there for you long-term

Your relationship with your HVAC installer should not end once your high end air conditioner system has been installed. With so much on the line in your luxurious surroundings, wouldn’t it make sense to enroll in a preventative maintenance program to ensure your home and belongings are protected? You also want the comfort of knowing that your high end air conditioner is working at optimum efficiency to provide steady, efficient and reliable service and will not break down when you can least afford it.

Humidity can be the enemy when it comes to museum quality finishes and furnishings. It is imperative to have your system routinely serviced to facilitate humidity control and maintain air quality. You might also want to look into installing a purification system as an added step in ensuring good air quality.

As a homeowner or a property manager, you don’t want to deal with water leaks that can cause extensive and expensive property damage and you certainly wouldn’t want to see a one-of-a-kind furnishing or painting ruined. It’s bad enough to need an emergency repair without having to also contend with ripping out damaged walls, ceilings or floors. If you regularly maintain your high end air conditioner system, you reduce the odds of a system operating improperly and water leaks emanating from a malfunctioning system.

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In the event of system breakdown, the last thing you want to do is wait for your repair technician to respond to your home. When you are a loyal, regular customer enrolled in a preventative maintenance program, you will be given top priority for a repair and moved to the head of the class for a service call.

Experience and reputation matter

As you can see, there are many reasons for not leaving the installation of a high end air conditioner system to just any HVAC company. There are companies that have extensive experience in providing innovative HVAC solutions to challenges uniquely found in luxury Manhattan residences and have the capability of installing complex systems that are custom to your needs.

Arista Air Conditioning has many years’ experience designing, installing and maintaining high end air conditioner systems for discerning home owners. By hiring a reputable company that can provide you with white glove customer service like Arista, you will prevent tomorrow’s headaches.