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6 Signs It’s Time for HVAC Preventative Maintenance

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Last Updated on April 29, 2019


Though it may seem like a small detail, maintaining a comfortable temperature on your company’s premises is absolutely essential to your bottom line. Regardless of industry, customer retention rates drop when temperature comfort is not considered and addressed. Therefore, your HVAC system needs to be in proper working order and maintained on a frequent basis.

Why else is maintaining your heating and air conditioning system important? It reduces your overall cost of ownership and prevents the need to replace expensive equipment too quickly. Considering soft costs due to lost business opportunities, it’s worth keeping an eye out for signs that your HVAC needs attention.

Here are 6 key indicators that it’s time for HVAC Preventative Maintenance:

  1. If your heat pump or air conditioner unit is 10 or more years old, you definitely want to have someone inspect it and make recommendations. Technology in the industry has made great gains over the last decade, and you want to make sure you’re not paying too much to heat and cool your space.
  2. Have you noticed excessive dust on the surfaces despite frequent cleaning? The build-up of debris is an indicator that maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system might be in order. Inspecting older HVAC equipment and sealing of air ducts should alleviate this problem.
  3. Programmable thermostats are convenient and can amount to enormous savings, especially if your business is vacant at night or on weekends. Setting the temperature at an appropriate level while you’re out means you pay less when no one is around, while still keeping the environment comfortable during office hours.
  4. Frequent service calls for defective HVAC equipment should be a red flag that better maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system is in order. If you’re experiencing consistent breakdowns, complete failure of the main components might not be far behind.
  5. When your furnace or boiler is 5 years or older, it’s time to regularly maintain your heating and air conditioning system. You’ll see an immediate difference in your monthly energy bills, and find that you can easily keep a consistent temperature throughout your business space.
  6. If you can’t hear conversations with your customers because the A/C unit or furnace just kicked in, you have a problem with your HVAC system. Noisy equipment is a definite sign that your components need attention. Customers don’t appreciate excessive noise while shopping or dining, and might be driven away entirely if they can’t hear. In addition, employees can suffer from headaches or stress when noise levels are out of control.

Smart business owners watch out for signs that heating and air conditioning system maintenance might be in order because regular maintenance ensures that you wont lose customers uncomfortable with inconsistent temperature levels. Plus, the work environment will keep your employees happy and productive. Keep an eye out for signs that your HVAC system might need servicing, and you can avoid the expensive costs you can incur from lost business.

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