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AC Tune Up: Should Your Installer Do It?


AC tune up

When your air conditioner was installed, chances are the installer mentioned the fact that your system needs maintenance at least every year (possibly more, depending on your usage). A regular AC tune up & maintenance visit keeps your system in good condition and prevents breakdowns.

And there’s another reason you’re going to want regular AC maintenance. Keeping your equipment operating at peak efficiency also ensures that you get the energy savings you were promised when you purchased a new system with a better SEER rating.

So, if you’ve had your AC system for a year or more, it’s time to schedule your maintenance and AC tune up visit. But who should you call? Your AC installer might be your best option. However, it’s also possible that your installer could be a very poor choice to do your regular maintenance, even if they did a fine job on the install.

Here’s how to choose the right service provider for your air conditioner tune up and maintenance.

Does your AC installer have the skills to do repairs and maintenance?

Not every air conditioning or HVAC company is qualified to maintain and service equipment. The fact is, air conditioning installation requires a different skill set and knowledge than repairing and caring for it.

For example, installers need to know how to:

  • Do carpentry work, especially when fitting equipment into tight spaces
  • Do plumbing to install pipes and drain lines
  • Weld and work with sheet metal for ductwork

Having skilled installers can make all the difference in how your air conditioning system performs. However, being an expert installer isn’t enough to be an expert on maintaining and fixing modern air conditioning equipment.

Service technicians need to know much more, such as how to:

  • Diagnose and fix electrical problems
  • Work with complex electronics
  • Understand the refrigerant cycle and safely handle refrigerant chemicals

Gaining the level of skill needed to do repair and maintenance work takes years of training and daily field experience. Does your AC installer have that level of expertise?

When to find a new provider for your AC tune up

There are plenty of air conditioning companies that specialize in installation and only do ongoing service business as an obligation to do warranty service on equipment they install. It’s also possible that your AC system might have been installed by a mechanical contractor hired by a builder.

If your installer is one of these, it’s smart to choose someone else for your AC tune up and ongoing service. These types of companies are not service experts, and often are not qualified to do maintenance or repairs.

If you rely on them for service, chances are you’ll be disappointed. Long waits for a response, followed by long waits for parts, and then problems that take multiple visits to correct are not uncommon.

When to stick with your installer for an AC tune up

Does your AC company have both a skilled installation team and a highly trained service team? In that case, it’s much more likely that you’ll get quality service from them.

First of all, they already know your system. Because they installed it, they understand exactly how it was done and why. That information can be helpful when performing a maintenance visit and AC tune up later. Plus, a qualified service team has the training and expertise to spot impending problems during an HVAC maintenance visit and correctly diagnose any repair issues.

Companies that do both installations and regular service want to keep you as a regular customer for the long term. That means they stand behind their work, both on the installation and service side. And, they tend to consider service when they do the installation, adding helpful features like access doors that cut down on the time needed to perform service (which also saves you money).

Quality service providers also consider your ongoing needs and provide helpful solutions. For example, if you renovate your space, they can help you with HVAC design adjustments. Also, in the wake of the pandemic both businesses and homeowners are looking for added ventilation and air purification to maintain healthy air. Your service provider can recommend and install the right solutions for your space and your budget.

When you sign up with a service agreement with a quality service company, you’ll get the benefit their experience: a reliable system that performs well and lasts a long time.

There are many companies out there vying for your air conditioning service business, and choosing the right one it vital for your comfort and your wallet. Here are some related articles that can help you decide:

If you’re in the New York City metro area, Arista’s highly trained service team is ready and waiting to help. Request an estimate for a service agreement to get started.